DIY –pompom wreath


It’s time for one of my dollar day do overs. In Arizona we have an abundance of second hand shops. They seem to be on every corner. They usually have one day a week that is dollar day. The tags change colors, but I always find something for a dollar to upcycle .


Last week I found a wreath for a dollar. I usually use these grape vine wreaths for pinecones, but sometimes I will switch things up and add flowers or something else. For this wreath I thought I do one of my pompom wreaths.


Supplies you will need

Cardboard or cardstock for your template


Assorted colors of yarn

Glue gun and sticks or tacky glue

Twig or styrofoam wreath

Use lids or cups to trace your circle onto cardboard.


Cut a middle hole into all your discs, making sure you make two discs for each pompom.


Cut up strands of yarn to wrap around your disc. When it is covered completely then you can start cutting down the middle of your disc. Wrap several strands of yarn around your discs for really full pompoms. Don’t worry about loose strands. You will be cutting everything later so that doesn’t matter.

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Once you have completely cut around the center of your disc, you can tie off your pompom. Cut a large strand of yarn and wrap around the loose cut strands then double knot really tight.


Now you can pull the paper discs away once you have tied off your pompom.


If you want a more pronounced shape you can trim around your pompoms.


This is a great family project to work on together especially during rainy days or sunned in or snowed in days. Mix up yarn strips to create multi colored pompoms. It’s fun to see what others come up with and at the end of it you will have a unique little wreath.


After making several pompoms, you can start gluing them onto your wreath base. If you want a more traditional color wreath, make sure to have a lot of green yarn. This wreath was made with a lot of little left over strands and tiny yarn balls I had…it was time to organize my creative space so I had a lot of tiny bits of yarn here and there.

With the extra items I took off my dollar day wreath, I remade the bow up for a gift box and made this little pot of flowers.



Everything gets a make over and everything gets reused…it’s time to start looking at the broken and beat up things in a new way. Once it is redone give your little gifts out, you will not only make someone else happy but the planet will always thank you…happy upcycling everyone.

DSC_5593 For more pompom DIY projects click here

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  1. Valerie says:

    That is super cute!! ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sartenada says:

    How wonderful. I never seen anything like that. Here is Finnish way to make a Christmas wreath:

    Snow and Christmas wreath .

    Happy new week.


    1. Thank you, just checked out your site and loved your wreath. I can’t believe all the snow in your area. It is absolutely gorgeous. There is another blogger I follow from restless-roots that also has a ton of snow where she is. I told her I get my snow fix from her photos and now I have yours. Thanks so much for visiting my site and leading me to yours…cool adventures from another country.

      Liked by 1 person

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