An Arizona Ghost

DSC_9869      Whether you believe in ghost or not, there are a lot of old ghost towns out here in the west and some of those old western towns actually come with a ghost or two…according to some that is and believe it or not my son and daughter had their very own ghost experience in Globe Arizona a few years ago.


Globe Arizona is a little mining town we have driven through on several occasions on our trips up north to our little red house. The town has a spooky vibe about it, with it’s empty buildings, huge cliffs and mining around the area it can be a bit overwhelming. One of those spooky spots is the old courthouse in the center of town.


When you first step inside, beautiful wood steps greet you with a copper railing all the way up.


If you are into art and quilts, it’s a nice place to stop by and explore. It is open free to the public. It’s huge with lots of hidden corners and doors that lead everywhere. That alone is scary to me. Who knows what could be hiding behind all those different corners.


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On this visit, we had a chance to speak to the woman working that day behind the front desk. We told her about our son’s ghost experience a few years ago. She had heard stories she said and one time there was a clairvoyant visiting the place that refused to take the stairs. She had told them there was a man’s presence that wanted to throw her down the stairs. They had to use the elevator instead…it was very creepy.


On our first trip to the old courthouse years ago, my son had just gotten his very own camera as a Christmas gift from his Nonna. He was taking photos of everything. It was quiet that day at the courthouse and there were no other visitors except us. It was a weekday so we basically had the whole building to ourselves. There were only a couple of employees on duty, with one all the way downstairs in a basement gift shop.


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My kids went upstairs to explore where the main stage is. It was only a few minutes later when my son started coming down the stairs saying there was a ghost up there. His sister wasn’t  far behind him complaining about someone smoking up there as well. They were the only ones up there.


When my son got to me downstairs he said the ghost was still there in the room with us, that he felt him and that is when I told him it was okay we would leave the building. He was that upset, in fact, he seemed spooked the whole time we were in the building on that trip. Mom’s can tell when something is up with their child’s behavior. The photo below was taken of my son all those years ago while he waited for me to get up those stairs to explore this old building. We all like exploring old buildings. Even in this photo he seems a little hesitant to enter by himself which he had never done before.DSC09948.JPG

Once outside and down the steps my son was still tense and told me the ghost was following us. Now I was angry, not with my son, just a momma bear reaction to their baby being upset, wanting to defuse the situation. So I turned around in the middle of the street to stare where my son was looking and my little boy said with a big sigh “ He is gone now mom”. “ Good, that old ghost belongs in his own building, so he can stay” I told my son as we crossed the street.


That ghost should have headed over to the jailhouse, which is connected to the old courthouse from upstairs above the alley outside. Just another spooky thing about the whole place. The jailhouse, which we visited on another trip, was very claustrophobic to me. I couldn’t wait to get out of there. That jailhouse is creepy all on it’s own.


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When we got home my son couldn’t wait to show us his photos of the stage room. He told us when he was up there by himself, a door opened very slowly then started to slowly close again. No one was there and there were no windows opened, so no breezes. My daughter spoke up then and said she kept smelling smoke  while she walked around upstairs. She kept turning around to see who was next to her smoking but there wasn’t anyone so she decided to leave because it was creeping her out. This is how the stage looked before my son came up and took a photo (taken with a different camera)


The photo below is a print my son took, he calls it his ghost photo. It’s a little beat up because it was taken a few years ago and it used to be on his board at home. There is an orb on the stage above the table. The photo was taken lopsided because my son was scared when he took it and got out of there quick while he took the shot. The orb could very well be a reflection from the window but who knows. My son is not one to make up things, he really believed there was a ghost up there in that room alone with him.


We did not know about any haunting at this building when we first visited, it wasn’t until a year later that there was a television show about the Ghost of Globe and their haunted courthouse when we learned about it. Everything that happened that day with my children was in that show, the smoke and the upstairs area where it happened. It was scary to hear from someone else what they had experienced.


Years later we went back to the courthouse once again. After telling the employee our own ghost story of the building she took us all upstairs one last time to explore before we headed home. She was getting ready to close up for the day, the sun was getting ready to set, and the dark was coming. I definitely did not want to explore an old haunted building at night. Before she locked up for the day, we all headed up those spooky haunted stairs to the stage room.


The stage room was all ready for a children’s play that night, into the woods was playing later that evening. The courthouse does a lot in the community with art shows and plays they put on throughout the year. We will have to come back for one of their shows. They have a lot of talented young artists in the town of Globe.


There were no ghost this trip, thank goodness, but if you are ever in Arizona don’t be afraid to stop off to visit this old building, it is pretty cool, plus there are beautiful paintings and photos throughout the place that local artist in town have done. It is worth a stop. The whole town is full of old buildings and tons of history; along with a few ghosts here and there…happy Halloween adventures everyone.

For more info on Globe’s courthouse ghost click here:



or if you are in Globe Arizona this weekend check out these events in town:

DogToberfest at Dominion park- 8:30-1pm Oct. 28th

28th annual Ghosts of Globe historic downtown walking tour- Oct 28th 6-10pm

Community gift trick or treat night- 5:30-7pm Oct 31st

Some projects we are working on and will be sharing later with you all in November are:


Up-cycle grandma’s old sewing tables

Mosaic pumpkin seed ornaments

Fall leaf art

Creating a creative space (frugal project)

My son’s Banana nut and cranberry muffins

A dollar day do over project

Visit to a deer farm

Trip to our little red house (updates)




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  1. Dandelion B says:

    Wow! Our youngest when he was a toddler use to tell us a man ghost hovered over him as he lay asleep..hubz dismissed it as his obsession with scooby doo..i always wondered if it was my dad or was my LO sensative to the afterlife like his mama. Ive had my share of encounters and since at least age 10 have had premenisions via my dreams. We watch haunted type shows together and he always asks are ghosts real? He is fascinated by it all as am I and this town seems like a great place to explore. I hope your son in later years was ok with what he felt and saw. Even more so when the tv show validated it all

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, he is fine now, as well as his sister. We explore a lot of old buildings and even Our Little Red House was spooky for my son when we first bought it. I have always loved old buildings and items. I love the history they hold in them.

      Liked by 1 person

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