DIY_Up-cycle grandma’s old sewing table


I love these little tables, although recently I have noticed, it has been getting harder and harder to find them. If you happen to come across one, don’t get rid of it…they make the perfect little table for lamps, plants or just a place to put your drinks, plus they don’t take up a lot of space. I think they are adorable and deserve to be recognized as another important piece of furniture… couches get all the attention don’t they, so it’s time we changed things up a bit.


First…you will need this table, don’t worry they are out there even if a little hard to find at the moment…must be very trendy right now. Ask family members, friends, co-workers and anyone else you can think of. You can also search week after week online, or at second hand shops and yard sales until you are lucky enough to find one.


Most of the tables I have come across came in dark colors. Like this one, which I haven’t done anything with at the moment, just added a little vintage breakfast tray to the top. I found it up north at the little thrift shop in town. They were having a 50% off day, which made this table only $3…that was a fun find.

Usually I will change the colors on the tables, after I remove all medal hardware inside and out. The tables open up to a sewing machine inside but I have never found one yet that had a sewing machine still left inside…mine have always been empty.


I add pallet pieces to the tops of my table. I love the differences of wood with neutral colors.


Before you add your tops, make sure to sand your pieces of wood down, then stain (if you like) and seal with polyurethane.

Drill pallets into top of table. This is to cover the little holes that are in these tables where the sewing machine used to be stored.


My favorite part is the handles. I love shopping for unique handles to switch things up on old dressers and cabinets. There are so many out there to choose from at different stores, it can be hard deciding what to get. To save money, you can spray paint old handles to give them a new look.

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Once you are finished with your new table don’t be surprise when guest want your little tables. I have had people ask if mine was for sale. They really are perfect for small spaces in the city or that little corner you just need something for. Some people even turn theirs into little mini bars.

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I keep mine close to windows for our furry family members; they love curling up in a basket watching the birds and bees in our garden. Hope you get a chance to find one. You will at least have fun on your hunt for one…who doesn’t like shopping.




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