We are crawling with chicks



The other day our local feed store was having their annual sale of buy one get one free.

We decided to pick up some baby chicks for our daughter who wants to try her hand at raising laying hens.


Years ago we had chickens but we ended up giving them away, along with all our chicken supplies to a family with kids that wanted to try raising chickens themselves. After a couple of years with chickens we decided to focus more on our gardens. If you haven’t had chickens before then you won’t understand the messes they make. Although very adorable, at least to me, these little creatures are quite messy.


Our first batch of chickens would use our back yard tree to get to the other side of our yard…guess they figured the grass was greener over there and they were right. I remember waking up one morning to discover chickens hanging out by the pool.


Chocolate, cupcake, and other sweet treat names, which my kids thought were perfect names for poultry, had made a nasty mess around my pool…I wonder if they make chicken diapers. Plus they ate all my pretty petunias. Not sure what it is about me, but it does seem like I have a history of my pets eating unusual things. It would be nice if all these little creatures I tend to fall in love with could speak English, we could have a nice long conversation about leaving the petunias alone and just sticking with the foods I give them. None of my animals have been picky eaters. I even had a goat when I was a child that would chew on the clothes while I tried hanging them up…he did not last long at our home, he was sold (hopefully to another loving family) I am a sucker for getting too attached. I know I would do terrible in a zombie apocalypse.



So we are back to chickens once again, a project my daughter wants to take on, that and bees. I guess she misses fresh honey…we all miss fresh honey.


We have been collecting wood scraps and any other items we think she would need to create a one of a kind chicken city of sorts. I even grabbed this old dog house to redo for a nesting area for some of the hens.


We were also able to pick up a whole chicken coop for free that someone was getting rid of in our neighborhood. I can’t wait to see what my daughter comes up with. I am pretty sure the color pink will be involved.


They are so adorable right now. Just cute little things…our cats are none too happy, but they will get over it hopefully soon. I am afraid to get attached; they are in the very early stages of their life when they are very fragile. It is so hard not to fall in love with them.


I hope we don’t end up with a rooster. We are not allowed to have roosters in our neighborhood. In our first batch of chickens we accidentally got one and as soon as it was old enough for us to see it was a rooster we took it back to the feed store for an exchange. There seems to be a little chick in this new batch that has a whole lot of attitude…might be a little rooster.


I can’t wait to see how this chicken adventure with my daughter turns out. I also can’t wait to hear what crazy names she comes up with. Those names are a special treat all on their own.


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  1. Anne N says:

    Very adorableeee but I get how messy these little lovely creatures are! Haha


    1. I know, they are super cute right now. We will have to take them up north with us because they are so tiny. We are afraid to leave them with someone down here in the city, so they will be taking a road trip with us soon. It will be a long three hour drive with little chirping chicks.


  2. My husband runs a feed mill makes it daily! Love your blog!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, I just started and it is all so new to me but I thought I give it a try. I love sharing with others. My 19 year old daughter helps me out, showing me how it all works, but even she is new to it all. I am discovering that this blog world has a lot of really interesting and cool people out there…I have been reading other blogs now. whenever I get a chance to that is. When we are up north at the little red house we don’t have a computer, phone or cable, so it takes awhile for me to check messages sometimes.


  3. How much did you pay for chickens,i don’t know what going price is for them here. I’ve place,an add on our county but well and trade and with my husband working at a,feed mill and making feed I told him to put the word out for me and ladies blog i read told me I’ll be getting them at the perfect time that I’ll have eggs by Spring! Great! After reading about caged chickens and how poorly their treated I’ll feel much better raising my own! Blessed day dear!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. $2 a piece. They were so tiny when we got them. We had to borrow our neighbor’s heating lamp for them. We had given all our chicken supplies away a few years ago.


      1. That’s cheap! What would you use thwy,sell supplies where my husband works I know they have incubators I’ll have research it thanks dear

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      2. Thanks, I think they are too tiny right now and I am afraid we will lose some. It is very warm during the day but the nights are cooling off now here in Phoenix. We have the heat lamp on, so that helps.


      3. It’s cold and Winter here in Ky My husband managed a feed mill and makes all their feed I’m hoping he can find me some through the customers he had a customer checking to see how many he had! Blessed day dear! I hope you don’t lose them!


  4. It may have been you that told me about having eggs by Spring! Lol

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    1. That would be nice and fresh eggs are so much better.


      1. Oh I know my mother used to buy them from her aunt faithfully when I was younger thats the only kind we ate! Delicious and healthier! 🍽

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