A day with Deer from the past to present.


A few months ago my family asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I just could not think of anything. When you get to a certain age, if you want something you just get it yourself or the gifts you want are more about experiences and living things…not stuff or material items.


So in that month of my birthday, which was July, I was watching the local news and a clip came on about the Grand Canyon Deer Farm. They were having a half off tickets special until the month of October. I knew what I wanted; I wanted to go back to a day long ago when I was a little girl feeding deer when my family took my sister and I to the deer farm. This would be the perfect gift for me since my husband and kids could also enjoy my birthday gift too.


We decided to go in the Fall since the summer temps are hot up north in July. Even up in Williams and Flagstaff, not as hot as Phoenix but still uncomfortable. The Fall colors would be out in October which is so beautiful. It would a double gift that way.


My kids had never been to the deer farm, it was fun seeing their reactions to something I loved so many years ago.

This year there were two little fawns rescued from one of our wildfires we had over the summer. There was also a rescued Elk that my husband could not get enough of. She reminded me of a giant dog just wanting some love.


The deer were so adorable. I wanted to take them home, but I don’t own a forest. I started imaging how I would design my own deer farm; a fun game I sometimes played with my kids when they were little was creating things over. What ifs and how would you do this questions can keep children entertained when bored, especially when you don’t have a box of crayons on hand.


If I had my own deer farm, the deer would be hidden pretty well, out in a huge forest and if and when they wanted to approach you, then they would, coming to eat right out of your hand. People would have to hike in to get to the deer so they could spend as much time as possible out in nature with their families. There would be little colorful cottages to stay in, as well as yummy picnic lunches prepared and picnic areas for families to sit together while eating. And of course there would be a ton of nature related DIY’s to do and take home as souvenirs.


When you first walk in at the Grand Canyon deer farm, there is a section in the middle that humans cannot cross. The deer have to come to you and only if they want to, which is nice. Sometimes those deer just want to be left alone. I love that they have that opportunity to stay away from humans if they want. Sometimes us humans can be a bit overwhelming. There are employees around to make sure no one wanders into the non-human areas


It is so cute how the deer follow you around when you have corn in your hand. This seems to be one of their favorite treats.


There was a camel there that loves carrots and will eat them right out of your mouth. The employee at the farm shared a lot of carrots that day with the camel…super cute.

I never saw a porcupine eat before, it was fun watching this family feed some while we explored the farm. Looks like porcupines are veggie loving creatures. I never really knew what they liked and it was fun watching them gobble down some veggies for lunch. Although a little intimidating with all those spikes, their personalities were so funny.


My son loved feeding the deer and my husband took a tour twice around this little petting zoo, he did not want to leave. My daughter fell in love with the cockatoo and the two of them could not stop talking to each other. It was a great gift for us all and we saved a bunch with the half off tickets. I did not buy any souvenirs because they always tend to be a bit pricey.


I loved my birthday gift this year, taking me back to a happy day from the past to share with my love ones in the present. I guess the perfect gift for me is always animal related, it always has been since I was a little girl. Who doesn’t love snuggling with those other creatures we share our planet with…but only if they want to that is. Happy snuggling everyone.


I did not get anything for promoting the deer farm, just another Arizona adventure I like to share with you all, just in case you are in our part of the world.


Coming soon- DIY cinnamon Christmas ornaments



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  1. Lovely! Great post! This is a,beautiful place!

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  2. daisydust02 says:

    Deers are soooo cute!

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    1. So sweet too. They are seem so kind with their big eyes looking back at us.

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