A trip back to the little red house.


We had a holiday weekend and decided to head up north. We are redoing my husband’s office and turning it into a little bedroom, and we needed an extra bed we had up at the little red house.


Our trip up north this time was not an easy one. Our neighbors here in the city were leaving that weekend as well, which left us with no one with experience with chickens to watch our little chicks.


Since we couldn’t find anyone to watch our new baby chicks, we loaded them up with us. I did not want to leave baby chicks with anyone that doesn’t know chickens. They are so tiny I am afraid we are going to loose a couple of the small ones and I didn’t want one of our neighbors or friends feeling guilty or sad if that were to happen. It is bad enough when I am sad about that.


With chicks, one spoiled and jealous cat, two teens and two adults, it was a little crowded in our truck on the drive up north. It also didn’t help that the road into town once you hit the dirt road was rough again. I really wish someone would upgrade that road. There have been a lot of loggers hauling out logs, thinning the forest to cut down on the wildfires we have been having lately, which has caused a lot of damage on an already damaged road. Most people avoid this beautiful little valley because of that road.


When we finally made it to the little red house and everything was still there, we were happy to be done with that three-hour drive. I am sure those chicks were wondering what all that bumpiness was about.


Driving up that road into town, we are always happy to see the little red house is still there, like it has been waiting for our visit patiently. We decided a long time ago to stick with found, re-cycled and cheap second hand items to fix that place up with, so as not to get upset if it ever came up missing. Things are just things…it is people that matter.


We not only had to get that extra daybed up there (have you noticed the prices of furniture lately) but we also had to finish packing up everything inside for those Winter months. It snows up there, not a lot, but it can still get pretty cold.

young snow.JPG

I always love to hear news about what goes on in town. It is so different from what we hear about in the city, which is kind of scary right now. In town we hear the cute stories about the little potbelly pig from Cherry creek store. Sometimes the little pig gets out and crosses the street to check out the horses at Deadbroke Inn and Saloon. A horse at the saloon was not too happy and let the little pig know, so the pig went back home, but he still wanders on over now and them, keeping his distance of course and stares at those horses. I think he wants to be friends.


The news this trip wasn’t much. During the Fall and Winter things slow down some. Our neighbors got two new pets, two llamas. The only restaurant in town will be closed for two months starting in December, which will not be easy on the people in town. It is nice to go out once in awhile for a nice dinner. Our friend had an accident fixing his tin roof and fell and broke his hip. They have to helicopter you out up there to our hospitals in the city. People ask us why we have a helicopter insurance sticker on our truck when we are in the city and we explain that there are some places where you need a helicopter to get to a hospital. Our friend is back home now recuperating and hopefully he will be back to normal soon.


We stopped off at the town library to say hello. This is the place to find out what is going on that weekend. There is a little bulletin board out front with postings of help wanted and a Thanksgiving potluck at the cowboy church that all are welcomed to attend.


I got to hear about who won my basket give away I left for the local kids. It was a drawing for a basket filled with tons of craft supplies. Every book a child read would earn them a ticket for the basket drawing. A little girl won and she will be sharing fun times making little handmade items with her family and sister. I had another basket to drop off for this trip as well. I have a ton of craft supplies I was getting rid of from my closet remake (I will post about that later), thought it would be nice to encourage reading by having a giveaway.


We drove around dropping off Christmas cards and baskets filled with Swedish cookies (click here for recipe) to friends and neighbors, a very early Christmas gift. Last year we couldn’t deliver gifts until Easter because the roads were closed from all the snow they got that year (click here for Easter story)

young fall 17 168.JPG

We forgot to pack beans from the city but thankfully we had some stored up there. We got out our crock pot and made some beans for dinner to go with fresh homemade salsa, and tostadas…an easy meal to prepare and pack. The chicks were put into the bathtub with the heating lamp on; did I mention how cold it gets up there, I am just another desert rat I guess…I hate the cold. I figured the bathtub would be easy to clean up, so that’s where the baby chicks spent the night.


We had to block the bathroom door with a little boat shelf to keep Alley out, the bathroom door does not close all the way, you have to lock it from the other side to keep it closed (hey, the home is old, it’s from the 40’s). I still caught Alley in the act of visiting the babies when the door was completely opened. Thank goodness, she is just curious for now.


We got up at 5am for the drive back to the city, it was cold and dark, but the traffic was non-existent, so that was nice.


I hope our next trip does not involve taking chickens because that was exhausting. We are back in the city now, chickens are outside scratching for worms, our cat is angry at us for that trip, curled up in her favorite spot, with her back turned to us of course. She will be like that for a week. Now we have to get that office done and Christmas is just around the corner. I know what I want for Christmas…more hours in the day.

young fall 17 432.JPG


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