Update on the chicks


I know, I know… I told everyone not to name those chicks, so my daughter came up with a solution, she decided to give them a name as a group “ A nick name mom” she tried explaining to me, which is Chicklits, you know, like the gum. Oh, I hate this when we all start getting attached. I told my husband we need to get older chicks next time, but they were having a sale and we always try to be frugal…so it was babies we got.


I forgot how mean chickens can be. Sometimes watching these tiny little creatures running around on their unusual looking legs makes me think of dinosaurs, which I think they are related to. They will occasionally look at one another and peck at each other’s faces when eating. Even though there’s tons of food to eat, they still act like they are starving when another chick is eating and they want theirs as well.


And did you know these poor little creatures can get something called pasty butt…I know, it sounds horrible doesn’t it? As if being tiny and awkward and not really being able to fly weren’t bad enough, they also have to worry about having pasty butts.


There is a little cocky one (please don’t let it be a rooster) and he or she will run around the little playpen of sorts we have around them, looking for a way out. Flapping its wings like it can fly on out of there. It will occasional give me a head tilt, staring at me in anger it looks like, wondering how I got to the other side of its prison.


I wish I could answer that cocky little expression that chick gives me and tell it “ This gate is keeping you safe, there are giant lions out here” at least giant to them. Some of our neighbors allow their cats out.


At one point that little chick jumped up on the water jar and thought flapping his or her wings at that height would for sure get it out of there. It finally jumped down when the others started eating again.


Then horror of horrors those little suckers found a way out when we weren’t out there watching them. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how hard it is to catch a chicken, especially if you seen Rocky, even the tiny ones can be fast, running in every direction, I finally rounded them all up and back into their playpen, or prison as they see it.


My daughter’s chicken project has turn into a family project. Between college, a full time job; helping me, and her social life, she is one busy person. Isn’t that what families are for anyway, to work together.


Anyway, I can’t wait for these chickens to grow up. We still need to get that back yard organized and the coop ready. This is where my son will come in to help more; he has an eye for design. I also still can’t wait to see what she names them. I have forgotten the work it takes to get fresh eggs…but at least we are having some fun with it.


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  1. Ahhhh the fond memories this will create, and some delicious fresh eggs ;):) hahaha


    1. Fresh eggs are always the best and they are adorable little critters.

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