12 days of Christmas crafts…day 12


Needle felted Alpaca Christmas ornament
Supplies needed:

Alpaca or lama cookie cutter

Needle felting needles and supplies

White wool.

Tiny pompoms

Needle and thread


Red embroidery thread

Scrap felt or piece of fabric

Tiny glass eyes or black beads

First I have to let you all know, I am a beginner when it comes to needle felting, so I am not really at a level to teach, but I can share with you all what I have learned so far. My husband and kids bought me some needle felting supplies for Christmas last year and since then I have taken the kits out now and then to practice this new skill, mostly while streaming something on Netflix, which I don’t recommend. Needle felting is not for the faint of heart and if you ever get any needle felted gifts from beginner needle felters expect their DNA all over it…and yes those needles are long, sharp and very painful. So please pay attention to needle felting, don’t try streaming a series with this craft like I did. You can read more about this new hobby of mine click here


Step 1- I used a cookie cutter that I bought at cost plus world market for $1.50. Just stuff wool into cookie cutter and poke away inside the cutter. This will give you a flat shape once finished. Take the shape out of the cookie cutter and slowly add little bits of wool poking over and over until smooth plus the thickness you like.


Step 2- my cookie cuter shape had four legs, which I didn’t like so I wrapped wool around two legs at a time and needle felted two legs instead. After poking away for a few hours your shape should be smooth and ready to decorate.


Step 3- I love the Central America photos of alpacas all made up with pompoms like this one

alpaca with pom poms

So I decided to add a lot of detail to my little ornament. I collected all the things I thought I could use like beads, mini pompoms, fabric and thread to decorate my ornament with.


I added tiny glass eyes but you can add little black beads if you don’t have glass eyes available. Then I glued on tiny little pieces of fabric and sewed on pompoms. I also had a bag of sheep’s wool some 4-H kids gave me at the state fair one-year and I finally had a chance to use it. Sew some fishing string through your ornament and hang on your tree.


I think it turned out so cute and believe me I have had some pretty crazy looking needle felted items. So keep practicing because if I can get the hang of it anyone can, being stubborn helps too. If you don’t think learning a new skill is possible here is a perfect example:

My first bear I ever made, I had to teach myself how to sew with library books I checked out. This was before YouTube University.


To my little mini bears now. These bears are all under 5-6 inches.


Hope you all enjoyed my 12 days of Christmas crafts and your trees are filled with some of these tiny treasures by hand. Have a wonderful Christmas.



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