Some Arizona sunshine for those Winter time blues.


Getting sick sucks and the thing I hate most about getting sick during the holidays is the resting period. You know, where you can’t do anything because you feel awful, so you just sit and read…cough…sit and watch TV…cough…then sleep and cough at the same time. Misery that’s what it is. And moms always get sick after everyone else in the house. When it is all done and over that house is a mess. When someone is down you see what gets done and what doesn’t. Families are together for a reason, we all work well as a team, at least the functional families do. I will not go into dysfunctional families, they are just sad and it seems to be an epidemic at the moment…I really hope this changes.


We are all over our colds now and I hate being cooped up inside so I headed outside to check on my garden…wow, it was a mess, but one of those fun messes that no one really fights over to clean up. Who wants to clean toilets when the roses need trimming?

My garden area always looks a little rough during the extreme hot summer months and our crazy desert freezing at night Winter months. It can get to freezing temps here but nothing like the other areas around the world that have ice for days and snow up to their rooftops. I love seeing all those snow pictures so I thought I share a little bit of what our desert environment is like here in Arizona, plus a little DIY garden project, for anyone who needs a little sunshine that is.


If you are in a warmer climate you can work on this project now, if not, eventually Spring will reach your part of the world and you can have a fun time making these little pots then. I wish I could send a little pot of sunshine to everyone in person but that isn’t possible, so photos will have to do.


Supplies needed:

Tiny terra cotta pots, about 3-4 inches

Potting soil

Clippings from house plants, out in nature or your gardens.

Wire cutters or scissors.


This is a pretty simple project; its main purpose is to get you outside enjoying some sunshine. I have some plants in my garden that do pretty well all year and started clipping little bits from them to make some adorable little pots to bring inside the house.


I tend to choose plants that have tiny details, like small leaves, little berries and miniature flowers. You can find tiny pots at most hobby stores or online. My pots were about 3 inches.


Once you clip your plants, they don’t last long, maybe a few days, kind of like a flower bouquet in a vase.


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The succulent clippings last longer, so I would try to choose more of those when shopping for your garden and succulents do well inside too. Just fill your little pots with dirt half way, then start adding your clippings and the rest of your soil once finished with your arrangement…pretty simple and very adorable.


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Have fun being creative, filling your pots with berries, twigs and whatever you like.


Having a garden makes it easy when you need to do a table centerpiece the inexpensive way.


I cut twigs from our peach tree once with little blossoms everywhere for a beautiful centerpiece. During the summer I have to pick all my flowers when the temps get too hot, now that makes an interesting mix of flowers for a centerpiece. As you can see in the photo below, the flowers start wilting and struggling once those temps reach 100.


When you plant bulbs and grow your own, flowers aren’t as expensive and besides, the bees and butterflies love them and need them to pollinate and keep our world beautiful and full of food. This project was so fun. I will definitely be doing this again in the spring, maybe decorate my Easter table with these little pots.


Hope you all enjoyed this little bit of Arizona warmth and you get a chance to go out and create some beautiful centerpieces for yourselves. Pine tree stems make great arrangements too…happy crafting.


Little info. on the photographs- as always I take all the photos on my blog but there are times I hand over the camera to my son or husband to shoot away. All these plants are from my garden which were taken about a week ago, except the top cactus photo and some of the cactus in the last photos which were taken at my Aunt’s place a couple of days ago, she lives close to the Superstition mountains. My Aunt’s orange tree was filled with giant navels as well. Of course we had to pick a bunch to take home with us. My husband will be making marmalade later. I will try to post the recipe later this month. In my opinion the best time to see our state is between Nov-May, otherwise it is too hot and it can make people really sick if they are not prepared for our type of heat. We don’t get the snow here in Phoenix which to me is very sad, we get crazy heat instead. Everyday seems sunny, when we get rain or clouds we love the change. When ever my family gets the urge to see some snow covered mountains, we head up north to the high country. Arizona has a little bit of everything. Hope you are all out enjoying the outdoors wherever you are in the world.

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  1. Sorry to hear you were down sick !!! But thanks so much for this post…….just reading it made me warm up a bit (considering the windchill it’s -25 Fahrenheit right now) and really consider spending the winter at your place!
    Just kidding 😉
    But really….just seeing the colors and reading about the planting did warm me up and what a wonderful idea with the tiny planters!
    Hope you all stay well and have a wonderful Sunday 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, my husband calls our place down here in the city a resort, it isn’t, far from it. It’s an old home from the 50’s, needs new plumbing and tiling everywhere which we are working on plus the pool could use some retiling. We make it a home and fill it with life and lots of love, so whoever stops by we always welcome them with good food and comfort. My husband loves to cook and entertain, he is the talker. Right now our city is not a good place to visit I would say because we are having an extreme Flu epidemic and all the emergency rooms are packed and full, at least that is what the news is reporting.

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  2. 3C Style says:

    Glad to hear you are all over your colds now. Thank you for this post full of sunshine and love. Your pics are always gorgeous BTW. Bravo! -Dominique

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, I love photography. I can’t believe all the great photographs out there on blogs. My kids are always saying there are free sites for photographs but I like to practice taking photos, it’s fun. So glad you liked the post.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. 3C Style says:

        It is always nice to have personal photos, but sometimes I do use pics from sites. I do not have your talent for taking such beautiful photos.

        Liked by 1 person

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