Snowed in and rainy day DIY peg people.

Christmas Peg Doll CU

This is a little project my kids and I did one time up at the little red house years ago. I packed up a bag of little wooden peg people, some yarn, fabric, and paints. Knowing there was a storm headed our way that weekend I figure we could paint away while the world outside was thrashing and pounding about.

DSC_3548.JPGSupplies needed;

Wooden peg dolls

Assorted paints.


Toothpicks for tiny paint details

Google eyes (for those of us that are a little intimidated with painting eyes.)

Glue (I used tacky glue)

Yarn for hair

Fabric scraps

Mod Podge (optional, since adding a little water to regular glue works too)


Step one- paint your dolls. I added a base coat first then painted in the details. I think just keeping it the natural wood color and only painting in the face would also look nice.


Step 2- after your paint has dried (may have to add several coats) start cutting out bits of fabric to add a little something extra to their outfits. You can also glue on buttons and gems or whatever you like. Little dried flower arrangements and flower wreaths on their heads would also look really pretty.


Step 3- You can either paint arms on the sides or add little felt arms. I didn’t add arms. Their hair was pretty long so I just kept the arms off.


Step 4- If you have clay, make little pets for your peg people.


When we did this project years ago that storm did not make it in until the following day. We had finished these little dolls the night before. The next morning we went out exploring in the woods, it was peaceful and quiet, there were no clouds in the sky…nothing. There was even a little deer we ran into at one point and my husband took a photo of it just as it got our scent and took off.


We stopped off at our neighbors and friends place, an old cowboy Saloon later that afternoon and that is when the clouds came in, then the snow started falling. It snowed and snowed and snowed. We will never forget our first snowstorm up in Arizona’s High country, what an adventure that was. My husband never wants to be around ice again. I have huge respect now for anyone dealing with an ice and snow environment…we all got to walk a little in your snowshoes that day, anyway have fun making these little dolls during those stuck inside rainy day and snowed in moments, and please stay safe and warm inside.



Special note: Pretend play is so important for all children, no matter what level they are at. It helps with social skills and language development. Make peg people that represent member’s in your child’s life, it helps them remember names and the special people in their lives. I have always enjoyed making simple handmade toys for my kids when they were little. I am a big believer in encouraging imagination and using as much as possible as we can with supplies we have on hand, plus I always hated battery powered anything. It was always just funnier to me seeing what games and creations we could come up with as family. Happy crafting.


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