A day in Prescott Arizona…part two.



Our road trip was coming to an end so before it got too late and that warm sun left (remember we are from Phoenix) we headed to our favorite place for a take out lunch…to Lynx Lake.


When my husband and I first started dating, he was 19 and I had just turned 18, this was one of our favorite places to drive to. We would pack up our mountain bikes, pack a picnic lunch and head out to this little lake. Once there we would ride our bikes around the whole lake, it was so fun.


They didn’t have Eagles then but it was still the same quiet little lake. I remember it never being crowded. Usually you would run into people but sometimes it was like we had the whole lake to ourselves.


Whenever we have family visiting from Italy or anyone out of state, we always try to include a picnic lunch at Lynx Lake. The last time family came to visit and we took them here, some eaglets had just hatched. The Eagles were flying around being very protective around those giant nests of theirs. There were signs up warning people to not get too close, because they will attack.


On any road trip we take, I always pack sandwiches and little snacks. The picnic menu for this trip was some of my husband’s homemade baked bread with turkey or ham and cheese. For dessert we had Christmas chocolates. We got so much chocolate this year for gifts I have to remember to take out some to get eaten before it turns into white chocolate. I am happy I have a teenage boy to take care of that problem.


After lunch, we walked down to the lake. This lake comes with a sidewalk. It is so easy to walk down but walking back up might be difficult for any of you with bad knees, bad hips or pushing strollers.


On the way down we ran into a little hut of sorts that some kids probably built. It reminded me of those movies with the little hobbits in them.


There was a little bit of snow in places here and there. We have never been to this lake when there was snow.


We even ran into some snow on the drive out.


Because we are from Phoenix we are fascinated by snow, even little pockets melting on the side of streets, as you can see from this photo of my daughter getting out of the truck to take a shot for snap chat.


Our trip had come to an end and any Arizona road trip would not be complete without one of our sunsets. With the wide-open spaces and outlines of mountains, this sunset was extra special. Most of the time we are at home when we are gifted with one of our Arizona sunsets, still very pretty but not as stunning as one with a mountain view.


And on this trip home we were gifted twice because off in the distance there were two hot air balloons enjoying that view from above…just breathtaking. I almost forgot to take out my camera and take some shots, remember I normally don’t do this when taking in the scenes on road trips but I just could not pass up sharing this with everyone. There were no filters or photo shop used on these sunset photos, desert sunsets are that colorful and in person they are even more amazing. Hope you all enjoyed taking a day trip with my family and I to Prescott Arizona.


Extra info. About Prescott- If you are not into antiques there are so many other shops to explore and tons of outdoor activities. We stopped off at a bookstore in the center of town that had new and used books.


The building was beautiful and huge with old wooden beams and redbrick walls. There is a large table and chairs in the back where the discounted and used books are kept. It would be the perfect place for anyone with little ones to sit down and take a break reading books with them. With every purchase you get a free cup of tea. They have an assortment of different flavors; otherwise it is only $1. Personally, I would probably buy a book and skip the back table and head to the center of town where the old courthouse is, to me that would be the perfect place to read. There are giant shade trees everywhere and occasionally a furry four-legged creature will stop by with its two legged companions to say hello. There is also a really nice shopping center across from the old courthouse that has several levels and a basement bar.


If you are not a shopper, then it’s fun just exploring the old buildings around town. Just pack a lunch to save money. I would love one of those old buildings and stood there across the street just staring at this one daydreaming about what I would turn it into.


There would be living quarters upstairs and that empty lot next to it would also be used with fairy lights and a beautiful garden. My husband walked up on me in the middle of this daydream and said “ I know exactly what you are thinking” and he was right. I could totally do something with that old building.


There are public restrooms inside the shops across the courthouse and there are also some outside by the courthouse. If you are ever in Arizona, I hope you get a chance to visit this little town. It really is beautiful. My daughter ended up getting the perfect gift while there, an autographed copy of a Star Wars book. Turns out the author lives in Prescott. She paid ten dollars for it and apparently it runs around $100 online. There was also a car in town that belonged to another Star Wars fan…hmmm, wonder if it belongs to that author. Happy road tripping everyone.

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