DIY mini garden picks


I finally had some free time to go shopping for my Christmas gift from my kids. I always get a garden gift. We spent a couple hours at the nursery picking out flowers for my garden. It was the perfect time to shop for plants because Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so there were plenty of flowers at the nursery.


When we got home my glass garden table out back was packed with life and colors. I can’t wait to start transplanting all these beautiful plants.


All these flowers gave me an idea…mini garden picks, and since it is Valentine’s Day why not use the clips for fun little greetings to pass onto our love ones. I always loved getting little white envelopes with colorful paper Valentines inside.

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You could clip a sweet message onto your picks or add an actual Valentine card to it; the mini cards of course because I am not sure these little picks would hold a full size card.


My idea came while I was working on a little red teddy bear in my craft closet and up on one of my shelves is a little glass jar filled with tiny clothespins. You know, those little miniature clothespins that can only hold up Barbie’s clothes. Don’t even ask me where I got them, probably in a grab bag from a junk shop. Remember, I am a craft hoarder…but I prefer to be called clutter bug.


Lets not forget that giant glass jar of buttons and there are some cool buttons in that jar. When I am out and come across interesting buttons I will buy them. I have even bought old shirts just for the buttons.

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Some glue, wire cutters, scissors, skewers, and pretty card stock (optional), that along with the buttons and mini clothespins is about it with the supplies list. If you rather not use buttons, there are always stickers. There are a huge variety of stickers out there.


This project is also super easy to do. Picking out what buttons you want to use is probably the most time consuming part of the craft -at least it was for me. I even used some earrings I had in the button jar.


Use the wire cutters to clip off the backs of some of your buttons or earrings, that way they are flat, which you will need to glue down the skewer.

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I used tacky glue when gluing down the skewer and clothespins. I don’t like to use the glue gun when working with tiny things; I’m a little clumsy at times. The glue gun and I have a very painful history together when working with certain things. It’s best to take out the tacky glue for this project.


You can glue your clothespin down with or without a backing.


For backings, just trace button around cardstock and once skewer is glued onto back, cover it with paper backing and then glue clothespin to paper backing. It looks good either way.


Once dry you can add little paper greetings to them.


My favorite picks were the little animals.



I also liked some of the vintage buttons I used. Like this little button with tiny little flowers all around it.


Hope you all get a chance to make some of these cute little picks. They are pretty easy and don’t take up a lot of time.


The little baskets in the photos are also handmade. I made a bunch up the other night out of some fun colors of threads I found out in the world. The succulents look really pretty in them.


On the day I finished up this craft project I had a surprise waiting in our outdoor room…new chicks. My husband decided to get some more egg layers because he is worried we might have a rooster in our mix, which we are not allowed to have in the city. I walked into the back room covered in paint from an outside project I was working on and heard a little brown paper bag chirping. When I opened it up there were four tiny little black and white chicks in it. Then my husband walked into the room with the little cage and heating lamp with a big smile on his face “I got some more chicks” …so our chicken adventure continues with more of these little women.







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  1. These are just adorable. The Valentines crafts hehehe I am sure the chicks are too :):) I always find myself glued (pun intended) to your post. It amazes me how you make such beautiful things.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, as always I really look forward to your comments, you are so sweet. The little chicks are adorable and they are so calm and much friendlier. The Valentine crafts just popped in my head the other day. I had just enough time between painting the trim on the house to work on this really quick craft. I am a month behind on house projects and we still need to get up north to check on the little red house.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. All that work AND new chicks hehehe. Hopefully they stay friendly, and teach the others how to be friendlier too ;);)

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  2. what a cute idea! I will have to make some of these for my garden this spring! I would love to see how you make the little baskets as well!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, I learned how to make the baskets on Youtube. There are classes all over Youtube and you can rewatch everything over and over. I did it for my son, so I can teach him eventually. He has one he is working on now. I love shopping for vintage yarns and mohair yarns to make them with. They take awhile but the instructions on Youtube are easy to watch. I LOVE baskets. I have them all over my house, figure I might as well start making them. I will be posting instructions on a little paper basket DIY at the end of this month. I also have instructions for a tiny pumpkin mohair basket on my website


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