A baby pony at our little red house.


Early one morning while we were all sleeping in from a hard day of working like crazy remolding our little red house up north there was a knock on our back door. I am sure there were several knocks before I woke up to check and see who was there.


I remember stumbling out of bed to check the door wondering what time it was and looking down at my clothes I noticed I slept in my paint pants, and yes that is how exhausting it is when you remodel a house yourself. Sometimes you just pass out from exhaustion. There is no hot water in our place, so showers have to be taken when the sun is out. The temps up north are cold at night and well water is freezing. Sometimes we would work until late in the night just to get the projects done. It is no fun taking a cold shower during the day little lone the night. It’s cold up north.


I did not check the mirror when I stumbled out of bed, so I probably had paint in my hair, which is usually part of my style up there, that and paint stained clothes. Maybe I can start a new trend…the messy look is what I can call it. I know I looked a mess when I got up to answer the door because looking over at my husband passed out in bed he also looked a mess. Oh well, I thought, might as well answer the door since I was the only one up.


Once I opened the door I saw it was our neighbor across from us “ Grab your camera my pony had her foal early this morning” she said, then she started to get back into her truck and turned around to say one more thing “ bring the kids” and I knew what that meant. It was imprinting time. Baby horses as soon as they are born should be exposed to as many people as possible, gently of course but it is important to get them used to being around humans.


I grabbed my camera and woke up the family “ Come on you won’t want to miss this”

I told them that a baby pony had just been born. I couldn’t wait for my kids to experience a new foal. With their huge and curious eyes and stumbling legs, they are so adorable. I remember when the foal’s momma was pregnant and we all couldn’t wait to meet this little baby. I was so happy we just happened to be up north when the birth took place.


They did not have to be told twice to get up for that special treat. So we all jumped into our truck and headed to Creayon farm. There is a story behind our neighbor across from our little red house and that is that she was my neighbor when I was a little girl growing up in the city.


Years later, me being all grown up with my own kids, we would run into each other up in that small town. It is strange how sometimes things like this happen in life. It is such a small world and eventually we all run into each other sometime. I wonder how many people I have walked by in my travels, places I been, where ever it is, if only we turned our head and recognized someone and rekindled our friendships once again. Or maybe I passed by many strangers that would become friends in my future. This world is not so big after all, if only we could all get along…that would be so nice.

Anyway, back to that baby pony. Once at Creayon Farm we headed out back to see the little guy. He was so sweet and he had those giant eyes staring out wondering what this new environment he was now in was all about. Every once and awhile he would glance at us and head back to it’s momma…too cute.


It wasn’t that early in the morning so the sun was super bright and usually not my favorite time to shoot photos, but I was there to take photos so I tried to get a good shot of this bouncy baby boy. He was everywhere and since he had his legs working he was putting them to use


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Horses usually are pretty easy to shoot, chewing on grass or just hanging out amongst themselves.


But this little guy was very curious and wanted to do what it wanted to do.


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This wasn’t the first time my neighbor asked me to photograph one of her animals. Back when I was a teen in our old neighborhood she hired me to take some photos of one of her stallions. Now, I am no horse person, not sure I am saying the correct term there maybe it’s called Western rider, Arizona cowboy, whatever. I just want everyone to know, I don’t know or do horses.

We had horses when I was a little girl for a while but apparently they weren’t kid trained. So there was a whole lot of bucking going on when we would ride them. I am just very thankful my guardian angels were on high alert during those early years of my life. There were a lot of close calls. Not bragging or anything but God must have put his best guys on duty with me when little. I was a bit of a tomboy and always doing crazy things. I believe we all have purposes while here and I was very young living like I was invincible, but don’t all children do that…too many cartoons to live up to.

So there I was at the age of 15 taking a photo of a stallion, which compared to a little foal is a world of difference. I was so scared when I stepped over that wooden fence post and went into the field where the stallion was. I am sure it sensed it. It was running around with its nostrils breathing in and out acting like a stallion. It was beautiful to watch, especially with the sun starting to set. Since a young age I always try to photograph during the magic hours. I was photographing that stallion during one of my favorite parts of the day; sunset. Arizona sunsets have some of the most amazing skies to see.

Staying close to the fence post, I slowly started to walk out towards the middle of the field to get my shot. I stayed close to that fence though just in case I needed to jump back out. I started shooting away. The shot that was used was of the stallion’s mane flying in the wind while it ran. I never photographed a stallion ever again after that and if someone asked me again today I would probably say “ No thanks, did that, check that one off of the old bucket list” Glad I got that out of the way while I was a kid and had some serious guardian angels watching my back.

Now here I was years later covered in paint looking a mess, shooting away again but this time it was a little pony. The cutest and most adorable little guy. It was hard not to put that camera down and run over and hug him to death.


My family woke up that morning to one of the best gifts ever, the gift of seeing life at its best. Who doesn’t like seeing other animals interacting with their babies?


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We would visit this pony over the months watching it go from that awkward stage of being a newborn to those crazy teen stages.


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Then one day, when we blinked that little pony was all grown up. Kind of like my own kids. They grow so fast.


The little pony is no longer at Creayon Farm. It was sold once it was all grown up.


Now there are new owners having fun with this beautiful pony. Hope you all get to see one of these beautiful creatures as a newborn. In person they are so fun to watch and you too will see that once you blink, they are all grown up, so cherish those moments.


Photos- all photos were taken by me except the photos with rainbows, which are my favorite photos in this batch and they were taken by my husband. Have to give credit where credit is due. As always my husband and I are usually never in photos so these are not photos of us. There are a couple back side shots of my son. My son is also camera shy. We prefer to be behind cameras. My daughter is okay with getting her photo taken, so we at least have one member in our family we can photograph. Must be hard being in a family of photographers. Hope you enjoyed this story from one of our adventures up north. Did not get to make it up there this month so I pulled something from our archives. The only free time we had to get up there this month was when a snowstorm hit and we already did that adventure. I asked for photos of this last snowstorm from friends up there. If it snows and I get some photos I will share them with you all later. Stay safe and healthy out there in the world. I heard the Flu has now hit Europe. This Flu is a bad one this year.


To read up on the history on Appaloosa ponies visit http://www.appaloosa.com/association/history.htm

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