Chicken update…we got names.


Guess our chickens are French. My daughter decided to give them all French names but what she didn’t realize is that her father had already named a couple of the chicks before her.

So here they are along with their personalities.


Bouffi (Puffy)


– Seems to be the ringleader of them all. Even when she was a tiny chick, she was bossy. I don’t think she has ever gotten along with “the mess” because these two seem to be always going at it. The mess is smaller and quicker, so she has always grabbed that worm out of Puffy’s beak before Puffy had a chance to gobble that poor little worm down.


Donne (The mess)

DSC_6115.JPG She got this name because since she was a tiny chick she always had a long strand of something sticking out of her beak. Once it was lettuce and I was afraid she was going to choke. I walked in the house and told my husband that we needed to chop up the lettuce for those chicks because it is sticking out of their beaks. He walked out there and sure enough, the mess had another piece stuck in her beak again. It’s either that or grass…maybe she likes it.



DSC_6128.JPG  One of the twins, at least that is how I always saw her. She is always around the other twin, always staying close. I think they give each other comfort. It is kind of sweet how they both look out for each other. It is hard to tell them apart, maybe they are clone chicks…how cool would that be.





the other twin, read above, because basically it’s the same story. They have to be clones, there is no other explanation for this weirdness. They are like the same chicken.





This is Donne’s sister and they too seem to stay close to one another. There are only two ginger chickens against those other three blondes. Although I do catch them now and then hanging all out together, especially at night when it gets cold. Clemente might just turn out to be my favorite chicken in the end. She is mostly very calm, doesn’t bother anyone, and seems to be very polite with staying out of the way when the food is delivered. In other words, she is non-confrontational…we need some of that in this hen house.


Now that we finally have names for these chickens, my husband came home with more chicks, just three and so tiny.


They are black and white and friendly. They don’t run when we approach and they also have funny little personalities. “That is it,” I told my husband, “no more chickens”. I have already fallen in love with these little black and white balls of fuzziness. Oh and the flies, they also came in but I am definitely not falling in love with flies. Remember these are the good flies that take out the bad flies and keep everything in your chicken coop and garden nice…we will see, until then our Chicken adventure continues.


The good- they are acting a little bit friendlier, must be the new chicks being around. Might be afraid they are losing some of their charm with those new and adorable little black and white babies.

The bad- Not sure they like their new home

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We finally cleaned up a space for them but once we moved them, they all climbed back in their house peeking out through the little window giving us weird stares.

It is like visiting a zoo now with a chicken exhibit.


Turning to my husband I came up with an idea

“Hey, let’s paint it really pretty, with my flowers and-”

“ No we are not putting any paint where they will start eating paint chips” he said, cutting me off. He knew where I was going. I wish I could paint the whole world with my whimsical little flower designs.

I guess I didn’t think about paint chips. Forgot that chickens will eat anything, so their home will stay the color it is. I hope they haven’t developed Agoraphobia; eventually they will have to come out of that house.

The ugly- those baby flies…they are pretty gruesome.




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