House plants for toxins in your home.



Who doesn’t love plants? I mean show me a person that hates the green things and I will have to leave from their presence because that is a big clue they will not get along with me. My kids nick name for me is an artist hippy and if you have ever seen the movie the Hobbit, then the little wizard that runs around with a birds nest in his hair is close to how I am during the day. My husband and kids were laughing so hard when we saw that movie for the first time and I looked at them and asked “What’s so funny” and they all answered “ That character is you mom”. Okay, so I love nature and all that goes with it, nothing wrong with that, and sometimes there are twigs in my hair, again nothing wrong with that either.


Thought I do a post on just how great these little green living things are for us all. There are actual plants out there that help clear toxins out of our homes. I only have a few because even though I have a garden, doesn’t necessarily mean I have a green thumb…some of my plants do not make it.


There are some pretty hardy plants out there though and they are the ones that make great houseplants. Here are three plants that are everywhere in my garden or home and they are strong little plants. In other words it takes a lot to kill them.


Golden pothos-


This plant grows fast and the vines on it will wrap around just about anything. I keep mine up high on bookshelves and my china cabinet because they are poisonous to pets and small children. The plants stay green even in dark corners but it is best to have them near some light and don’t over water or the roots will rot. I usually water about twice a week. If the leaves fall off, just pop into a jar of water and a new plant will start growing. They are great plants for clearing out formaldehyde. Our car exhaust puts out a lot of these toxins so keep a couple of these plants in a garage if you have one.

Spider plants-


I am super loyal to this little green friend of mine. I was first gifted with one year ago at the age of ten. I remember it hung in a beautiful hand made macramé by my window close to my canopy bed. Then a few months later these little babies started growing from it. I was told to transplant them and new plants would grow. It was so cute, all those little mini plants that looked liked its mother. Anyway this is my star plant and apparently it is with NASA as well. According to NASA these plants are the champs when it comes to cleaning toxins out of your home.


They reduce carbon dioxide levels

Increase humidity

Reduce levels of certain pollutants

Reduces airborne dust levels

And keeps air temperatures down.


Isn’t this a great little plant? and once again, they are resilient plants. If you could only buy one plant for your home, then this is the one I would recommend.


To transplant their pups (that’s what they are called) I just clip them off when they get to about two inches in size then put them in pots of soil and water every other day.


Young plants should be watered occasionally and once fully developed (usually within a year) water moderately.



In the Spring and Summer keep soil moist and fertilize up to twice a month during this time.


If your plant becomes too dry the tips will turn brown and the leaves will crack down the center. During the winter water once a week. If you notice a lot of tips burning then you may have to switch to distilled water.


Snake plant-


These plants are also really hardy and they take off in growth once planted in a larger pot. I planted mine outside by the grapes and my husband accidentally mowed over it once and that plant came back. I couldn’t believe it but once I dug it out and put it in a pot all on it’s own, it started growing again. It is so huge now that I will probably be splitting it up to transplant into other pots. These plants thrive in low light and steamy humid places, so your bathrooms would be a good place for them. Or even better, the bedroom, because these plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen at night. Put this plant next to your bed because it will give you a slight oxygen boost while you sleep.

Whatever plant you decide to put in your home remember to put them close to where you spend the most time. They also make your home look really pretty and homey inside (is homey even a word) you know what I mean. People will stop by and not want to leave because you brought the outside to your inside and it’s all good. Happy planting everyone.


Extra tip- try to keep potted plants in groups. Plants seem to always do better when they have company. When you transplant the baby spider plants make sure to keep them close to the mother plant. Some people even transplant while the baby is still attached to the mother plant. They just pop them into a pot of soil while on the vine. I prefer clippings but either way is good as long as you keep the pups close to the mother plant.

I have about a dozen plants trying to grow right now.




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