Repost-Road trip time


Had to check up on the little red house for the day and as always it was a beautiful drive. How blessed the people are that get to live here. It is what I imagine living in a postcard would feel like.


Went to visit the town pond, at least that is what I call it. It was early Sunday morning and the tadpoles were jumping around while the frogs were croaking away. It was so quiet that early that we could even hear the dragonflies buzzing between the frogs singing.


There is a windmill next to the pond with a little sign posted that says wildlife sanctuary. I also noticed a for sale sign posted on the fence, so I hope the new future owners keep it as beautiful as it is now.

This place is a photographers dream. There are so many subjects around to shoot like old barns, buildings and cattle everywhere. I call it cowboy country.


Ran into one of my favorite horses, she is always posing for me, so I couldn’t resist another shot of this beautiful animal, I must have dozens of her by now. I wonder what she thinks of us city folk that stop by now and then and start shooting. I think she loves the attention. She has become my go to horse when in town.


When we finally pulled up to the house it was just as we left it a month ago. I will never forget that first day years ago when we looked at the place and fell in love with that beautiful mess and what a mess it was.

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Everyone thought we were crazy for taking on that project. There was basically no working kitchen and no storage anywhere. There were also no doors on any of the inside rooms. We used old French doors we picked up in the alleys that people just throw away. Old doors everywhere were being replaced with more modern doors here in the city. A good day for us was when the bathroom worked, so all the plumbing throughout the place had to be replaced. The Kitchen sink was more like a garage sink, grease and all.

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My husband wants to work on an adobe home next, until then we will try to remember to take some time to smell the flowers and visit that animal sanctuary now and then. It can’t all be about work, the days just aren’t long enough, so go out and take some of those hours for yourself now and then and listen to those frogs.


Coming in August:



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Mini Zucchini pizzas

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