DIY Easter terrariums


Terrariums are ever so trendy right now, so I thought I try my hand at some inexpensive versions for our Easter table.


Our neighbors dropped off some empty glass jars the other day (we make a lot of homemade pasta sauce) and I decided to turn them into something pretty for my Easter table instead of filling them with sauce.


First take all the labels off and clean it really well before you use. You don’t want your jars smelling like old food. Use Goo gone if the labels are tough. Paint the tops. This looks so much better then leaving them the gold or silver color. At least I think so. If you want to use your jars as treat jars and skip the decorating then add plastic eggs and paint names on them to set up on your Easter table to hand out to guest.

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For terrariums you will need lots of accessories to decorate the inside of your jars, plus tacky glue and Styrofoam for the base.

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I am using faux succulents for this project. They are everywhere right now. So for all the people born without a green thumb, this is our time to shine.

Use a little piece of Styrofoam as your floral base and design around that.


Make sure your Styrofoam piece fits the width of the lid of the jar, if too big, you will not be able to put items into jar. You may have to trim around your Styrofoam in order for it to fit.

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Then place in jar and add a little green floral moss. You will need tongs to place some items into jars.


This part is optional, if you like, you can wrap twine around the tops and bottoms of your jars for extra detail.

I am sure you all know what my favorite part of this project was…the tiny accessories and designing part.


This is another one of those great projects to use that creativeness in us all and to make a huge mess. Don’t you just love making a huge mess?


The younger kids could use toys and small stuffed animals to make terrariums with.


They could do super heroes or favorite characters from books or even a little photo of the family in their jars. It really is endless the things you can do. You can even add real flowers from your garden if you like.

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Add a little tea light to the inside of the lid to turn on and use as a night light later. Get some two sided mounting tape to hold tea light in place.

This would be a great project to do with friends and family. Like a craft party where everyone brings a clean empty glass food jar to create with.


You can use mason jars too but I am trying to save money here and help the earth some.

Another thing to add to your little Easter jars would be beautiful quotes and greetings to share with all your love ones during Easter dinner. Pass these little jars out to neighbors and older people that may not have a lot of family around. It will brighten their days and they will have something beautiful for their own Easter day celebrations. Happy crafting everyone.


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