Chicken update


No eggs yet from our french little ladies, still waiting on those. My husband as you know is not happy about that, but hey, “they are still too young” I keep telling him. At least I think so, they’re only about 4 months old. The black and white baby chicks are getting bigger and my husband is getting too attached as apparent from the photos above. He lets these little babies fall asleep on his chest. The crazy thing is, is that they actually do fall asleep.


Every morning the three new chicks chirp like crazy wanting out and they have some powerful little lungs on them. My husband takes them outside and releases them into their outside playpen, just like our little french gals did did when they were smaller.


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These tiny black and white chicks do have more of a personality then are original chicks but they too can be a bit standoffish at times.


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My husband originally bought them as meat and egg layers but I know he isn’t eating these gals. Come on, they are falling asleep on him. I think they may have a little bit of narcolepsy in them, at least the runt does. She is always dozing off everywhere.


The other day I caught my husband in bed with one of the babies, on my pillow taking a nap, while he watched Top gear “I think this chick likes Top Gear” he said once I walked into that little scene.


“ No chickens in our bed” I said, in shock that he has already become too attached. I am sure our daughter is sneaking in some chicken time too because they are so adorable. My son is happy with his cat and stays very loyal to his one pet so he has been leaving the chicks alone. He will probably end up being the chicken assassin if we ever do get overrun by zombies and we have to eat something. My son is very practical and everyone else has already become too attached to the new chicks.


Bouffi (puffy) is still the bossy one of the older bunch. She’s always waiting up by the fence for handouts.


It’s like she is the look out, always ready to tell the others food is coming. The twins Boudeaux and Dior are always in the background waiting for the signal.


Bouffi seems to be getting a little picking though when we walk up with leftovers.


We have been doing a lot of fresh veggies lately because our new market down the street has dollar veggie bags every now and then. Bouffi just gives us a look like ‘Hey, thought you were Italians, where’s the pasta?” there haven’t been a lot of pasta leftovers lately and these chickens love eating pasta.


I have noticed Donne and Bouffi hanging out together waiting for those Italian pasta meals. I can just imagine what they are complaining about with each other “We are starving over here, all we have is an old orange peel to share amongst ourselves”. Those two, when they aren’t fighting over a worm together, have always been big with exaggerating. Their little chicken paradise is always filled with bird feed and water.


Meanwhile my favorite chicken Clemente is off just as content as can be with whatever shows up.


I think she may be thinking to herself “ Someone else is happy with less than what you have” when it comes to those other chickens. That is actually my quote for the year, we all should be happy with all that we have and if we really take inventory, we do have a lot to be grateful for. So Clemente will always be my favorite because she is always happy with whatever shows up, even if it is leftovers from leftovers. Remember she isn’t one of the greedy pushy ones. She always waits her turn.


Now for the good, bad and ugly


The Good- My husband decided it was inhumane to buy the meat chickens because they grow too fast. I heard they also should only be alive long enough to butcher after a huge growth spurt of only two months. Maybe we should research this a little more. If that is true then it can’t be comfortable for those poor things to grow so fast. Because my husband decided to skip the meat chickens, we will be eating egg omelets with lots of veggies instead. No hard feelings for anyone who does do the meat chickens, we just decided to opt out of that gruesome business…for now at least, we will see next month.


The bad- Those babies don’t belong in our bed. Chickens are pretty dirty; remember when I wanted to give them all baths. Added laundry was not part of this deal, so the babies are not allowed in our sleeping spots anymore. They might get too spoiled and end up wanting their own soft and fluffy beds. Hey, that actually might be fun to make, little chicken beds. I see another DIY post coming up in the future.


The ugly- The flies from last months post did not make it. Not sure what happened but my husband has not completely given up on the flies. He will be ordering new ones again soon. Gross, gross and gross again. I do hope he succeeds but flies, please, they are not the first things I think of buying when shopping online.


Our chicken adventure continues…

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