An Arizona adventure- visit to a cacti museum


I can’t believe how popular cacti have become out in the world. A couple of months ago I came across some little cactus erasers. I have also come across a bunch of cacti pillows online too. I guess I am so used to seeing them that I can’t understand why they became popular all of a sudden.


They are beautiful in their own way but I love trees and green plants the best. Doesn’t that always happen, the things we don’t see the most we end up wanting more. I do love my desert but a change now and then never hurt anyone. So for all you bloggers out there that live in the green areas, please share…I need some rolling hills and beautiful green gardens to visit.


I just posted a desert hike last month but there are other ways to view cacti in our state and if you want to see a large variety then visiting one of our botanical gardens is the best way to do this.


My husband and son had one of those father/son days together so they decided to get some outside time exploring a desert botanical garden. Because I wasn’t there for this trip, I decided to ask my son questions about his father/son day.


How would you describe the garden?

It’s basically mostly like seeing Arizona in the wild. Seriously, if you took away all the fences and signs it would be just like visiting our deserts in the wild except for the flowers.


What was your favorite part?

Mostly the exhibits of some of the sculptures displayed throughout the park, but basically it is just like visiting a regular desert.


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Do you have any favorite cactus?

Not really. I mean honest to God, they look like every other cactus. I can’t tell which is which.


Did something funny happen at the garden?


Did your dad do anything embarrassing?


He didn’t? are you sure?


There was a reason behind these three questions about his dad. My husband said he thinks he embarrassed our son when he went past a little sign that said employees only. It was in the desert, not a back room. The sodas for sale on the employee’s side were way larger and much cheaper, by a lot. Customers had to pay over a dollar for cans of sodas and employees got their sodas for less then that and they were in larger bottles. They should have put the employee coke machines inside the work area. Why tempt people with two soda machines so close to each other, that’s just asking for trouble and it just might upset your customers. My husband of course stepped over the little sign and bought the much larger and cheaper version of soda, which I am sure embarrassed our son.


Was there anything special about the garden?

The sculptures

Would you recommend this garden to anyone?

Tourists, if you are going to stay here for 2 weeks. But only if you are staying here for two weeks because you’re wasting money…wait change that to time. You will be wasting time.


What do suggest Arizona visitors do instead?

Walk around Grand Canyon or Northern Arizona. There are more animals up north that you will run into.

If you could give this museum a rating between 1-10, with 10 being the highest what would you rate it?

A seven.


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Maybe I should have interviewed my husband for this post. What 17 year old wants to walk around a desert garden museum. My husband had passes and he said “ Our boy needs more outside time and real world experiences, he has been spending too much time on social media”…let the deprogramming begin. We joke about that but those little devices are addictive.


So I try to have one on one-art sessions with my son and we work on photos together. I will pick a movie with my him to watch. I tried getting into anime but after several shows I just couldn’t do it anymore “ Come on, let’s watch an old fashioned science fiction movie” I finally broke down asking my son. A grown woman can only take so much anime.

My husband is in charge of museum visits and cooking lessons.

Now if I had to recommend things to do in our state that have to do with seeing beautiful cactus and you are over the age of 21 then the botanical museum would be perfect for you. They have art displayed throughout the park and information on desert life and the natives. It is a nice walk through a clean and organized desert with little signs everywhere telling the names of the plants.


I understand a little of my sons view on this museum, can’t blame the kid. We take them hiking all the time. But if you rather save the money and not visit a museum then here are some other options:


There is a garden that is free to explore in Carefree Arizona.


This is perfect for visitors because there are little shops around the cacti to also explore. There is also a coffee shop, which is a great place to sit down to relax.


The art studios have some amazing western art on display and for sale. This painting would take up a whole wall in my home.


Their cacti garden has a nice arrangement of several varieties of plants and parking is free and easy to get in and out of.


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There is even a little water feature with large boulders and desert flowers everywhere. Take a book and pack some snacks. Reading and relaxing next to a pond should never be missed.


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Then there are all our deserts around this state, they are always packed with cactus and they are free as well.


Mountains are everywhere and they also come with plenty of cactus.



Climbing a mountain would be perfect for ages 10 and up, just make sure you are careful around the ledges and you follow all the safety rules when hiking or climbing our desert mountains.


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Pack a lunch and plenty of water because these mountain parks come with restrooms and picnic tables and some even have barbeques. So if you want to pack an ice chest full of meat, stay and watch a sunset while having hotdogs and hamburgers, you can do that too.

Remember to just have fun and if you have little ones or teens take into consideration they may not enjoy some museums. Kids are kids…gotta love them. Hope you all get a chance to check out some of these things if you visit our state.

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