One crazy week.


Okay, I really love posting twice a week and I was planning on doing one of my DIY’s today but this has been a crazy week for us. First let me explain something that is going on here in Arizona…teachers are on strike, except they are calling it a walk out.


So our son is home until the teachers can agree with how much pay they get. He is not happy about this. I think he is having processed food withdrawal. At school they give them pizza everyday and at home he has been getting home cooked meals like pasta, bean burritos with lettuce and tomatoes on the side, BLT sandwiches and homemade soups with fresh baked bread.

His week has consisted of home projects. He helped with the chickens, adding straw to their area.


Some of the other birds that hang around stopped by to investigate. Maybe they will be using some straw for a nest later.


He also worked on a garden design with his dad. They picked up a bunch of pipes that were being tossed and are going to make a vertical garden of sorts. It has been done before but this is the first time they are trying it, so we will see how this works. I will try to keep you all updated on that. Might turn out to be a great way to save on space for the garden area.


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He made some soap. This was by far his favorite thing to do. He hates dirt and loves clean projects. The day before, he went with his dad to get a truck load of dirt for our garden and when he came in to eat his home made meal (after washing his hands of course) he looked up at his dad and said “ That dirt smells like poop”


Without looking up as he took a big bite of his sandwich my husband answered back “ It is poop, it has horse manure in it”


The chickens at least love it.


The next day it took forever for my son to wake up. My husband told me maybe he was acting like he was asleep because he didn’t want to work with horse poop again. So I walked down to his room knocked on his door and said, “ Hey, you want to learn how to make soap?” well let’s just say he didn’t have to be asked twice. He was all in at that point. I guess anything is better than horse poop.

My umbrella broke that week; we had a bad windstorm. I pulled out some mismatched pieces of fabric I had and an old curtain that I think came from the 70’s and my son helped make a new cover. This was another one of those projects he worked with his dad on. I just cut and pinned the pieces together while they got out the sewing machine and sewed away. This was a clean project, so I believe he enjoyed this one too.



I had a great time shopping at the dollar store and picked up all kinds of items to add to our garden. My son helped with that as well.


We planted seeds and flower bulbs.


We added little garden gnomes and hung up old shudders with the cutest little garden baskets.


We also hung baskets from our fence that separates the chicken side from the poolside. I loved how these little baskets looked like birds nest. I only bought a few but I think a whole fence full of herbs and plants would look beautiful. The dollar store ran out when I went back though.


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We Filled little dollar store pots with succulents and had a fun day of updating our garden.


If you have any dollar stores in your area here in America, get to them quick because they have some really nice garden items out for Mother’s day and Spring. They even have bags of birdseed for your little garden friends.


Our tree is shedding like crazy so our pool is a little yellow from the pollen at the moment. My son is keeping busy trying to keep that clean too. It has been cool this week and we got a little break from our bright and hot sun with some much needed clouds. We are taking advantage of the cooler temps and getting some outside projects done before we are sunned in. I love spending time out in the garden.


At one point while up on the ladder hanging up plants I could see in other neighbors yards and there are some amazing trees and plants in bloom right now. The neighbor’s yards are orange, pink, yellow and purple. It is very pretty on our street right now, just hard on allergies.


So there you have it, our crazy Teachers on strike week. My son was on the computer the other morning looking up college classes; he is so ready to be done with high school and public schools. All I can say to him is to just hang in there it will get better. Kind of like what this little bird is doing…just hanging in there. It really does get better.


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Photos- the bird photos are all from my husband. The little birds in our garden love him. He is always feeding them so they hang out waiting for food, watching him feed the chickens or they watch me clean the pool early in the morning. They are very tame too. They will fly down by my feet looking up at me chirping away. The dove actually flew down and landed on my husband a few times. Everyone is up early in our garden waiting for food, water and maybe we entertain them with our human chores. Hope you all enjoy. I will be working on some DIY’s for later, I am off now to figure out what to feed my son for lunch while these teachers are on strike. I also have some old wooden kitchen chairs to redo. Hey maybe my son is up for another project.


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