DIY-Flour tortillas


Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone. It’s also a great day because the teacher strike in our state is over and now my son is back to school. He went back Friday. We were a little worried about graduation and his diploma. He has worked very hard for four years keeping those high grades and getting those credits and that strike (which lasted about 6 days) had him worried. He just wanted it to be done. Who wants to go to summer school because of a strike, especially in our hot months? His school won’t be adding more days to the school year so all is good now.

Thursday my husband and son made homemade flour tortillas, which are perfect for our Cinco de Mayo weekend of yummy Mexican foods. Living in Arizona we tend to get spoiled because we have some great Mexican restaurants and families here that cook all my favorite dishes.


These tortillas are pretty easy to make plus you know what is in them. I have heard they are adding a lot of plastics in dough’s now in our country. You can taste the differences in the breads and pastries. They are super soft too. I also think they could be adding some sort of addictive taste enhancement as well. I know, I know… but a little paranoia doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t true. Of course these are all safe levels of toxicities according to the Food and drug administration in our country, so there is that. If you want a break from plastic play food (it is good and soft) then get out some flour, water and salt and have fun making some handmade tortillas yourself.


These are the ingredients and instructions given to me by my husband, remember he cooks and I just make cookies. I was not blessed with cooking skills but I do try every now and then. As always, he has his way with directions and I have mine, which is too detailed and I tend to write too much. My husband is very matter of fact and we always clash when giving each other directions. I say, “What are you talking about?” and then he says the same thing back to me when I try to explain something. It’s like that book men are from Mars and women are from Venus.


Here is an example of this DIY cooking lesson:

“Okay, give me the ingredients for the tortillas” I had my pen and paper ready.


My husband was at the computer doing something else “ Flour, water and salt” he answered back


“ Wait, I need measurements, I am going to post a recipe,” I said, a little frustrated.


My husband stops typing at computer for a moment thinking and then before he says anything I think I need to help him out a bit.


“ Like you know, cup of flour and maybe ½ water…I don’t know. It’s your recipe, how did you make it?”


“ Oh, it’s 2 cups of flour, about ¾ of water, salt to taste and a ¼ teaspoon of baking powder”


“What do you mean salt to taste, can’t you just give me a measurement?”


“Just right down salt to taste, that’s how the professionals do it, everyone knows what that means” my husband is back to typing away at the computer.


I give him one of my puzzled looks but he can’t see it because he is busy writing something himself. He is probably thinking about why his crazy wife has decided to take up blogging as a hobby. Hey, blogging is fun. Then he starts to explain how to make the tortillas and I stop him once again with another one of my questions.


‘What do you mean let the dough rest, shouldn’t it be just let it sit?” I can see the frustrations starting now. Here we go. On Mars it’s rest and on Venus it’s sit.


“Write it either way, it doesn’t matter,” he says. Now he is laughing. It is kind of funny. It really doesn’t matter, sit or rest, it’s all the same in the end.


Okay so here it is…how to make these darn healthy, no plastic or toxic tortillas. It’s Cinco de Mayo after all, so let’s all celebrate.



2 cups of flour

¾ cup of water

¼ tsp. Baking powder

4 TB of Olive oil

Salt to taste (1 teaspoon of salt)


Mix all ingredients well; let rest (sit out, take a break, relax…) 1 hour. My husband lets his dough rest the whole night, covered of course. Guess that dough needs a little blanket and likes to be tucked in before bed.


Take about 2 ounces of dough (about the size of your palm) and roll into a ball.


Flour your work area.


Then roll out dough as thin as possible.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On a well-oiled hot pan, cook about 30 seconds per side. My husband and son cooked outside because frying can smoke up the whole house. For anyone with Asthma it is better to cook your tortillas outside.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You will know when it’s done because it will look like a flour tortilla. Those are my husband’s exact words. I gave him one of my puzzled looks once again and started to ask one of my questions. “ What if they have never seen a tortilla before” and now my husband is officially done. I mean who hasn’t seen a flour tortilla he is probably thinking. Well I think there might be someone out there who hasn’t…maybe?. So if you haven’t, this is what they look like.


Beans to cook for the tortillas. They go hand in hand.



4 cups of beans

10 cups of water

tablespoon of salt


cook in slow cooker for 51/2 hours. If you want more flavor in your beans add ham hocks, bacon, assorted yellow and hot peppers, plus onions and cook all together.


This is the prefect meal to make when you know you have a long day of rebuilding a house and you know you won’t have the energy to cook a meal in the evening. Crock-pot meals are the best for busy moms and dads or just busy people with or without kids. Have a great weekend everyone and happy tortilla making for everyone out there from Mars, Venus or whatever planet you are from. That one is from my Star Wars fanatic kids and their May the 4th be with you day. They can’t help it; it’s in their DNA. Both their parents were Star Wars nerds too.





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