Butterfly Wonderland


We had a chance a few months ago to visit one of the worlds largest butterfly conservatories. It is the largest butterfly conservatory in The United States and it is here in Arizona. I can’t believe I never heard of this place. It is amazing. So glad my family and I got to visit.


Let me warn you guys before you go any further with this post…it’s one of my long ones again. I can’t help it, there are just too many butterfly photos to share with you all. I did tell you all that spring was my favorite season, well I wasn’t kidding.

Anyway this museum has been in Arizona for years now and I never knew about it.


Butterflies are some of my favorite little critters to see out in nature.


When you get to the museum before you go into the main exhibit there is a short film to watch about butterflies. It is in 3-D which makes you feel like you are in a giant sky filled with flying butterflies all around you.


After watching the film you walk into the Butterfly Emergence Gallery. For anyone interested in science and maybe a few that aren’t, you will really enjoy watching what happens here. All kinds of butterflies from around the world slowly emerge from their chrysalis. It is an amazing thing to witness. We spent a lot of time in this room.


This was one of my favorite rooms in the museum.


There are several varieties there to see emerge.


Once finished in the emergence gallery, you will enter into a much larger room where you walk around and just hang out with butterflies flying all around you. There are more than 3,000 butterflies in the conservatory flying around.


This room reminded me of the Willy Wonka movie where all the trees were filled with candy and there was a giant chocolate stream and waterfall. Instead of sweets, this room was filled with colorful butterflies, trees, flowers and a beautiful pond with a waterfall.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The pond was filled with all kinds of colorful Koa.

Some of the people walking around were wearing floral shirts to attract butterflies to them. If you stand still and your shirt looks like it is part of nature then a butterfly will land on you.


Even if you aren’t wearing a floral type shirt, they will still land on you.

There are so many opportunities here to get some beautiful shots of nature and colors on our planet. If you are into flowers then you will be in flower heaven walking around enjoying the butterflies. There were even flowers that looked like little pink hearts.

Patience comes in hand on this visit. Just take a seat on a bench and wait for nature to come to you. This bowl of butterflies looks like it is mostly filled with color from the fruit since most of the butterflies are all dark colors.


Once these butterflies slowly open their wings you will see the bluest of blues. It is so striking to see in person. This photo doesn’t do it justice.


They also have beehives to watch and enjoy. This is perfect for teaching our younger generations just how important this whole process is. We really need to take better care of our pollinating friends. So please, please, teach your little guys to be gentle and love those bees and butterflies.


They have little benches to sit on all around the room. I noticed some people were reading books while sitting by the pond and waterfall. Occasionally they would look up from their books while butterflies landed near or on them. It is like something out of a dream. It is what I imagine heaven being like.


After you finish the main exhibit you aren’t finished because there are other rooms to explore that have to do with the rainforest.


Lizards, snakes and frogs. This place even has giant cockroaches. I am not a big fan of cockroaches but theirs are kind of cool and giant. I forgot to get a photo of them though because they did freak me out a bit, so I probably just stared at them like they were from a horror movie.

Right before you hit their gift shop, which is filled with all things butterflies, you can stop off to feed some sharks if you are lucky enough to be there during their mealtime.


I loved this place. It is all inside and year round. That’s important if you live here during our hot months, anything inside out of our crazy hot sun is really nice. It’s something the whole family can enjoy from grandma and grandpa to new babies. I am not getting anything to promote this, just wanted to share a fun adventure we had with all of you.


If you do decide to go, make sure you give yourself enough time to explore and really enjoy it. One family got there a little late when we were headed out the door and they had less than an hour to see everything. It can be pretty pricey if you have a whole family to pay for, so make sure you get the full experience by spending at least 2-3 hours here.


The main exhibit where they keep the butterflies is humid, so anyone who is bothered by humidity please keep that in mind. I didn’t think it was bad and if it does get overwhelming you can always walk out to take breaks and look at all the other exhibits they have and then go back into the main room for short visits.


They also have a cafe there if you do decide to spend hours in the museum and there are plenty of tables for everyone.


I used to pack snacks and my own lunches when my kids were younger and saved a ton of money this way. I bought fanny packs one year for everyone in the family (remember those) when my husband and I took the kids to Disneyland the first time. While waiting in long lines they would open their fanny packs to raisins, crackers, little juice boxes and string cheese. Disneyland allowed fanny packs filled with snacks. I did my research first before we went. Fanny packs weren’t in style at that time either but they sure came in hand when we were waiting in line for a ride and the kids got bored. I still pack picnic lunches when we go on our road trips, doesn’t hurt to save money where you can. Happy exploring everyone.






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