DIY-gift tags.


This is a quick project all ages can do.


Supplies needed:

Tiny candy mold. I used an upcycled advent package.

Plaster of paris

Cardstock, assorted colors

Assorted colors of paint, crayons or markers

Embleshments (optional)



Needle and thread or hole puncher


First find a mold to make little items to glue onto your tags to give it a 3-D effect. I used this old package from the chocolate advent calendar we had this year.


Mix your plaster (follow instructions on package).


Then pour into mold and let dry overnight.


While your mold is drying you can cut out little strips of cardstock for the gift tags.


I usually like to cover my plaster pieces with Mod Podge or Elmer’s glue to seal it.


You can use watercolors or acrylics when painting your plaster pieces. With small plaster pieces I use toothpicks for the tiny details.

Then glue onto your paper gift tags. Either hole punch to tie to a string or use a needle and thread and attach to packages that way.

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You can also make little fridge magnets or a paper mobile to hang in your room. Remember to include everyone. That means all levels and all ages. Happy crafting everyone.



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