Breakfast in the garden-


Because our garden is one of our favorite places to hang out, we decided to have a breakfast out there one Sunday morning before the place outside becomes an oven.


We definitely have plenty of eggs now, because all the chickens are laying now. My husband is in egg heaven, he is getting anywhere from 3-5 eggs a day.

We are getting so many eggs in fact, that we can start sharing with others. We took some over to my mother-in-law down the street. Next on our list are our neighbors. We made breakfast burritos for this Sunday breakfast. Another great meal from eggs is our Swedish omelet, which I am sure every nationality has their own version. All it is is an egg casserole of sorts with whatever you have available that you toss in and bake. Both the burrito and omelet travel well, so they make great road trip foods.

To make your own you will need:

Scramble eggs



Onions (optional)

Cheddar cheese

Green and red peppers (optional)


After cooking everything just wrap in a burrito and there you have it…a breakfast burrito. Salsa goes great with this.


Another breakfast favorite is homemade biscuits.


Biscuits are so easy to make. The dough kind of reminds me of play doh. When my kids were little we made homemade biscuits all the time. We would also make pizza biscuits. The kids would roll the dough and add sauce, cheese and pepperoni. They loved mixing up this dough. This is a great tactile sensory play activity for your kids.


2 cups flour

1-tablespoon baking powder

½ teaspoon salt

½ cup shortening

¾ cup milk

Mix all ingredients then cut in shortening with fork until it looks like crumbs, pour in milk and stir. Roll out dough and use a round cookie cutter or a clean and empty tuna can to cut your shapes out of dough. Cook on ungreased baking sheet at 450 degrees F for about 10 minutes or until golden brown.


My husband’s homemade jams went perfect with the biscuits. Up north at Our Little Red House there are wild blackberries growing everywhere. I noticed one year a little patch even growing in our back yard up there. That year we had a lot of rain though. There are paths to blackberry bushes on some of our neighbor’s properties too. One year we were able to pick some with the kids, enough for a small (extra small) jar of jam. We left some for the animals too; they need to eat as well. That was the best jam we ever had because we had to work for it and then make it. Those blackberry bushes come with some gnarly thorns but it was well worth it. Wonder how the little critters get around all those thorns.


Along with biscuits and egg burritos I decided to decorate a little out by the garden for our Sunday breakfast. I believe it’s important to treat oneself now and then and to me a treat is making my environment pretty. Out in the garden flowers and colors surround us so this is not hard to do.


It doesn’t cost a lot to make a pretty space. Look around your home and see what you can use to decorate your table with. Just for fun, take your kitchen table outside if you want an outside experience. Decorate with a bed sheet or quilt if you don’t have any table clothes on hand…get creative.


One of these days up north at the little red house I want to set up a small table and chairs out in the woods and have a meal surrounded by nature. Imagine having a room like that to live and eat in, it would be cool. At least it would make an interesting photograph.


In my garden I try to set up plants everywhere around the garden table. Most of my chairs throughout the garden are either tossed chairs I found and upcycled or second hand chairs that I bought for at the most $5 each. The table in the middle is an old glass door that was thrown away.

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The bunting was made from a vintage bed sheet. I had enough to even make some pretty pillows. Bed sheets also make great curtains and a nice valance for windows.




The garden is a perfect spot to read early in the morning or sewing my little craft projects.


The other day a lovebird visited me. I heard the prettiest bird chirp and looked up in our tree and there it was. I couldn’t get close enough to take a great shot but I tried. These little birds are wild now in our neighborhood and they are all over our valley. They are so colorful. They think years ago someone accidentally released a couple and they bred and now it is a special treat if one happens to stop by your yard here in the city.


Another thing I like to do when making the outside pretty is use beat up second hand furniture. Second hand and damaged furniture may not work inside but it makes great furniture outside. Added bonus is that since it is a little damaged or worn, being outside just adds to the rustic and weathered look it will continue to have.


The jasmine is starting to come in and the miniature white roses my son bought me for Valentines Day are blooming right now as well. The garden is filled with beautiful fragrances.


One time my husband was out swimming late at night and he came in and asked me where that great fragrance outside was coming from “The Jasmine is in bloom right now” I told him. Jasmine smells wonderful, it will fill your whole yard up with it’s fragrance. Gardenia is another flower that smells heavenly. Gardenia is a very fickle plant though and mine is struggling at the moment. I am not an expert gardener, so I try the best I can. Hopefully the Gardenia will start coming around. Only one little gardenia flower popped out the other day, so I at least got one so far.


This was a beautiful brunch and memory our whole family got to enjoy. Even if you don’t have a garden, pick a day to cook together as a family and eat together somewhere pretty. Decorate your kitchen table; add faux flowers and nameplates…treat yourselves at least once a month doing something simple and special as a family.


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Next on our list is pizza. Still waiting for that pizza oven. Maybe when we finally get it we will invite some friends, neighbors and family over for some pizza in the garden…before it gets too hot that is. Welcome to summertime in Phoenix.

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