Visit to an Arizona feed store


We have the cutest little feed store in our area called   Pratt’s pets and feed store, which has been around since the 1930’s. Emerson Wilcken Pratt was born in Mexico but his family moved to Arizona when Pancho Villa forced them out of Mexico and many years later the Pratt feed store would be born. This is the store where we bought our chicks one day when they were having their annual sale. I remember going to Pratts when I was a little girl.

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When my kids were little, I would also take them there to see all the little animals. It is a free version of a miniature zoo.


Pratt’s comes complete with ducks, young and old.

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You can even purchase full-grown chickens if you want to skip the whole process of becoming too attached. They’re super adorable when tiny little chicks, how can you not get attached. These are what our black and white chickens should look like when they are full grown.


This one looks like she is saying, “ Where’s the food?”


I love the bunnies. They are so cute but please don’t buy them if you can’t take care of them long term.


There are some out there that buy up baby bunnies for Easter and then when they get big they end up in shelters.


For a bunny fix, just visit the feed store and buy your child a stuffed bunny instead.


The pheasants are also another one of my favorites. They have such beautiful colors on them.


There are some amazing birds everywhere and their colors are so pretty.


The Goats are kept outside along with doves.


I have gone back and forth over the years with getting one of these little guys. They start out cute and small but can grow huge and may even outlive you. They live a very long time these little tortoises and they love to dig holes so don’t even think about having a beautiful garden with these beautiful creatures. They are adorable but again, unless you are willing to invest long term care with them and you don’t mind a trashed yard then please don’t get one.


During the summer months when my kids were stir crazy and needed something to do, I would plan mini trips around our city, visiting the library, events at local book stores, splash pads at the parks or Arizona feed stores.


Afterwards I would have a fun craft project, books or coloring pages to do that related to our visits that day. This kept us all sane during those months when school was out. Later when my husband and I decided to home school for a while I did all kinds of fun things around the city and up north at the little red house with the kids. For a fun, easy Bunny and chick craft click here. Happy summer vacation days everyone, remember to keep those little ones brains busy by exposing them to life.


I am not getting anything for promoting this store. I like to encourage others to get out and shop and explore those little mom and pops that are in their area. There are still a few of those around here in Arizona, so if you are ever in our part of the world stop off and check some of those little guys out, plus it is always better on the environment to buy local. Happy shopping everyone.



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    1. Thank you. Just read your zucchini pizza recipe, can’t wait to try it, plus those brownies or yours. Your recipes all look so yummy…now I am getting hungry.

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  1. John says:

    Are the cute? Onoooo😁😁😁😁😁 Great pictures of the beautiful small animals!😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww…thank you, they are super adorable. I wish I had a farm, I would have all kinds of animals.


  2. Awe! These are really cute pictures!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, wish I could take them all home with me. Think my family would think I was crazy of course but you know it would be fun to have a house full of different critters. Might not smell so good though.

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  3. lanature76 says:

    A really cute photo! You can smile when you see it.😊

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    1. Thank you. Little animals are all so sweet, glad they make you smile.

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  4. 3C Style says:

    Love your pictures as always. And yes it is always a good thing to shop local. I also wanted to tell you that I am having some problem with the comments on my blog. They disappear or go into the spam folder. I saw that you have visited my site recently and I’m so sorry if you have left a comment and haven’t received a proper reply from me. You know I would not do that. Hope I will be able to fix this problem before I leave on vacation with my family. Just wanted you to know. Have a great week.

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    1. Thank you, I am glad I had my camera with me that day when we went to pick up feed for the chickens. That store is just too full of life not to get carried away with shooting. Don’t ever worry about comments or replies, I know how fickle this blogging world is when it comes to technology and sometimes it just doesn’t go through. Also really enjoy your posts on nature, you have an eye for colors and detail…so thank you for sharing that.

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      1. 3C Style says:

        Thank you. Ouf! I feel better. Leaving in a few hours for a diving trip with the kids. Speak to you on my return.

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      2. Have a fun and safe trip and please take tons of pictures while on your adventure, I love your photos.

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      3. 3C Style says:

        You got it! But I’m afraid they won’t be as good as yours. Thanks.

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      4. They will be great. There are never bad photos when out having fun with the family. I have a closet full of old family photos to prove it. In some of our photos our eyes are closed, some of the kids could not keep still so they are blur blops but they are all beautiful to me. Those photos are the ones that keep us laughing over the years.

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      5. 3C Style says:

        You are right as always. I just got back from Mexico and I have plenty of blur blops but we had such a good time diving with the kids. I will soon post a few pics on my blog.

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Can’t wait to see them. Mexico is a beautiful country, I have only been once. It was when I was pregnant with my daughter and I was very careful about the food I ate. I wanted a tamale from the streets but didn’t want to take a chance so I ate a boring grilled chicken from Jack in the box instead. Had to eat healthy for the baby.

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      7. 3C Style says:

        Ah… the sacrifices we make for our kids. 😀 They are worth it though.

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