Chicken update


Okay, yeah I know, it has been quite a while since I did one of these posts. Our chickens are still producing except those little black and white ones. They are still too young for that. My husband didn’t buy them for laying though, he said they were meat chickens but we will see.


For now those youngest of our chickens have been named, which is a terrible idea if you are going to eat them. My daughter decided to name them all Star Wars names. Remember my son won’t name them just in case a zombie apocalypse starts and we have to eat them. Who can eat them now, they are Star Wars chickens after all. So here they are:



Kylo Hen


Hen Solo


Princess lay-a


They don’t seem to get along with our other hens. They are kind of mean, at least I think so, because when the sparrows come down they will eat their babies if they get in the way. Now I haven’t seen this happened but I have saved a couple babies birds from these chickens.

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We had a visitor in our coop. A little baby bird showed up one day. I think one of the black and white chicks injured it. It was having a hard time flying. I put it in a cage when I saw the black and white chicks trying to peck at it thinking I was protecting it. I hate bird cages but this little guy was in danger of getting eaten because it was having a really hard time getting around.


I filled the cage up with leaves and branches to make it feel comfortable. Then I left it water and birdseed. It wasn’t that young, I mean it could fly a little, except it’s back feathers seemed damaged.

The momma bird flew down to the cage and stayed with the baby, bringing food to it. That night the little bird got out. I didn’t really close the door well. I hate locking up anything.

That was weeks ago, that baby can fly now, a lot better. It is still hanging around the coop, eating and drinking with the larger chickens. It knows to stay away from those mean Star Wars chicks.


Then the other day that little bird flew into our kitchen through the outside French doors. Alley cat ran to it and was just about ready to eat it when my son screamed at Alley and she stopped. The poor little bird was so scared.

My husband caught it and wrapped it in a towel for a while. We also gave her some water on a straw. I figured she came in looking for water, even though we have water everywhere outside for birds of all kinds.


My husband took her back outside and she flew into the large chicken coop to hang out with the chickens once again. I am starting to think this bird thinks it’s a chicken.

The red and white chickens don’t seem to mind. They hang out and eat with her like she is just another chicken. And now since she has been inside of our house she flies closer to my husband outside and starts chirping at him. Who knows what she is saying. I never met a more confused bird.


So the chickens are doing well, we are still getting lots of eggs to share with everyone and now we have added a little friend to their nest. I will have to get my daughter to name the little bird, or my son; he is the one who rescued the bird after all.


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  1. simplywendi says:

    love the Star Wars names!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. A baby bird that seems to think it’s a chicken…you can’t make that stuff up…😊❤️

    Liked by 2 people

    1. That was such a cute baby bird!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I love the babies, they are so adorable and this one has attitude.

        Liked by 2 people

    2. It is so funny. Birds are so entertaining to me.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. kat says:

    I’m kind of scared of birds, but still think they’re cute. Yours are certainly pretty, and your daughter is amazingly creative!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, they are so funny, they remind me of dinosaurs. Yeah, I am very proud of my daughter, she loves to write poetry so she is always coming up with things.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Awwwe @ the little confused bird.
    Here they are just starting to pass bylaws to allow backyard chickens. In my research those that dont produce or stop producing become meat so you get your moneys worth…yup nope this girl is not eating her pet chicken lol so i told hubby cant do it sorry. If we get one we can eat the eggs but if no eggs you will then have a pet chicken for life.

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    1. Yeah, I feel the same way. Anything alive I become super attached to and that even includes my house plants which really sucks when they die. I wish I had a better green thumb, I am somewhere in the middle when it comes to gardening.

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      1. Same, outdoor flowers grow no issue inside inadequate sunlight is my downfall and i too get so upset when the die…4 orchid plants and counting…told hubby only fake ones please lol.

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      2. I have been working on my garden all week, it is really sad right now but then it is always like that in September in Phoenix. Our summers are so hard on our plants. I lost my tomato plant and a couple of grape vines plus an avocado tree. This is normal though so we are used to it. My mother-in-law has resorted to only having cactus.


      3. Canadian winters make a mess of the yard and gardens…i hate spring because of the mess winter makes lol


  5. Oh and they think they have the perfect name for our “pet” chicken

    Chicken nugget….BOYS! Lol

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    1. That is so cute, love it.

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