Dollar day do over-teacup planter


Came across this set while out junking with my aunt in Mesa Arizona. I love the shops out in Mesa. They have a lot of really nice vintage items in their shops out there. Not sure if this vintage or not but I thought it would be a nice little planter for some of my succulents. Always love my dollar day shopping sprees.


There isn’t much to upcyling this little treasure I found, just using it in a different way was all it really needed. Since I spend a lot of time out in my garden I thought some of my clippings from my plants would be great for this project. I will take clippings from some of my plants in my garden to create new plants to give out to friends and family members.


The other day a neighbor came over to ask if I had a little plant she could give to a friend of hers that just moved into a new apartment for a house gift. She was going to go to the nursery down the street but remembered I have a little nursery of sorts in my back garden and instead of borrowing sugar she wanted to get a plant.


I had the perfect plant for a small apartment. I came back with a baby spider plant. Then the next day she brought my empty pot back but she filled it with a plant from her garden. She told me it also produces little babies.


So I have lots of little babies growing or trying to grow over our summer months, which is not easy and thought this teacup set would be perfect to transplant some clippings to.


First I clipped some stems from one of my plants.


Then I transferred dirt to the teacup.


The teacup doesn’t have holes in the bottom for drainage, so make sure you never over water your succulents, which you shouldn’t be doing anyway since succulents really don’t need a lot of water.


Make holes for your clippings.


Then arrange your clippings in your cup. Water every other day using very little water or a spray bottle. Eventually the clippings will take root.


I have plants all over my garden from clippings.

If you want to get the kiddos involved with this dollar day do over then have them make plant picks.DSC_5058.JPG

You will need:

Watercolor paper





Mod Podge dimensional magic (optional)




Draw out butterflies onto your watercolor paper, and then start water coloring them.


Once dry glue twine around butterflies.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Add sequence beads.


Fill in with Mod Podge dimensional magic for a three-dimensional look (I am not getting anything for this, just like using this product, you can use resin on some materials but that is more expensive and takes more steps)


Then glue skewers to the backs of your butterflies and add to your plants.


Hope you like this simple dollar day do over. Remember when out there shopping look at everything in a different way. We need to stop throwing everything away once we grow tired of it. Upcycled, recycled, regifted, etc…just try not to give up on something that just needs a little elbow grease and some TLC. And remember to include those little ones when creating, all ages and all levels. Happy crafting everyone.



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  1. Tanya Kohl says:

    That tea cup and plant are so cute 🙂

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  2. kat says:

    So cute! I love reusing what I can and tea cups are so pretty they really should be displayed. Thanks for such a pretty idea!

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    1. Thank you, I think a little cactus would look adorable in one too and they don’t need a lot of water so it would be perfect for a teacup.

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  3. What a lovely idea and about “making” new plants……well I’ll give it a try ! Love the sticks !! My days are simply too short to try and make all the things you show in your blogs….but they’re all so pretty and thoughtful !!
    Hope you’re doing better? When’s your surgery? All the best and a big hug from me to you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is hard to work on my hobby of creating and you have that house to finish so I bet it is really hard for you. I always love seeing what you have made for your art sales. I get my biopsy results in a couple days. I could have called the office earlier but I am a big chicken so I will just wait until my appointment and that is when they are going to schedule the surgery. Hugs back you all over in Nova scotia and have a great weekend too.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I know it’s not much of a help….but I’ll send you all the energy I can and wish you and your family only the best 🙂

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      2. Everything helps and you are always so kind thinking of us. Thank you.

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  4. mel says:

    Those butterflies are so cute!! And I love the succulent on the pretty tea cup, so gorgeous!

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  5. OMG that is adorable. Can I borrow your idea and make some, then take photos of them and post them up. It looks like a perfect activity to do by tea. I love butterflies, they are adorable.
    What surgery are you having and when?
    All the best and take care. I love seeing your craft posts.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, so glad you like them and YES of course you can borrow them. I love sharing and always encourage everyone out there to create, plus reuse everything and turn it into something else if you have to. The planet thanks you too. The surgery is my thyroid, they are going to remove one side, at least that is what they say, hopefully it is only the right side but if they remove the whole thing I will just have medicine to take after that but I am hoping that isn’t the case. My biopsy results came back non-cancerous so I am so happy about that. I have a couple fun ideas for Halloween crafts that I hope to post in October or September so be on the lookout for those. I do love crafting. I also have to get busy making alpacas (at least try) for a sale coming up.


      1. Good information to know, I will make sure to get plenty of rest. I’m not sure when the surgery will be scheduled but will learn more tomorrow at my doctor’s appointment. I am hoping they only remove part of the thyroid so it is an outpatient procedure. I will have to look up Dysautonomia, not sure what that is. I would love to come up with a craft for you and I can link back up to your site when I do that for those illnesses. I am still figuring out this blogging stuff so my kids put posts together for me to share with everyone. I am trying to sew little alpacas for a friend who lives up north at Our Little Red House. We have a friend who sells arts and crafts at their vineyard and they also sell pizza on the weekends. They have alpacas and I usually sew tiny teddies but thought I try my hand at making tiny stuffed ornaments for the craft table. We will see, sometimes I can’t do it but it is always fun trying new crafts.

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      2. I will get more information tomorrow. I never knew thyroids could be so annoying and the problems seem to be going on with people in my life everywhere. Anyway, will be glad when this is all behind me. Thank you.


      3. Just got back from doctors and he said they will do a second biopsy when they remove my right side because the type of tumor it is you can never be 100% sure because it is like an onion with many layers. The first biopsy results came back no cancer plus all my bloodwork was fine. But there is a 5% chance it could still be in another area, so I will have to wait until the surgery which is in October. You’re right I might have an overnight stay if they have to remove the whole thing. But I will try to stay positive that I don’t. Here in America they send you home after you have a baby, after having a tonsillectomy and after just removal of one side of a thyroid. When I had my tonsillectomy (which 4 different doctors recommended) they sent me home as soon as I was able to stand up. I ended back in the hospital though because the right side reopened and so much blood filled my throat I couldn’t breath, it was horrible. I always get more than one opinion when surgery is involved but I would never, ever recommend removing tonsils after age 30 even if four doctors say so. My cousin just had his removed and he is in his 30s and he had no problems at all. Everyone is different. I had two babies at home, a two year old and a four year old so maybe that is why my tonsillectomy was harder for me then my cousins, he didn’t have children to care for. My husband helped of course, but you know babies and moms, it is just human nature to forget and get up and take care of them.


      4. Thank you so much, the doctor said it was a Hurthle tumor, whatever that means. We will know more after the surgery. All I know is that it is huge, oh well. I will be so happy when this is all done. The holidays are coming up and I am just looking forward to decorating the home, cooking and creating gifts for everyone. Also have some fun road trips I want to take and share with you all here blogging along with me. Arizona has some gorgeous Fall colors up north where Our Little Red House is.


      5. It is only on one side. My chest xray came out fine and all my blood work is also fine, so I not sure if that means anything. The doctor said we will have to wait until after surgery. Yeah. I don’t like the fact that it is huge too, oh well, I will stay positive. I will look through my autumn photos later after I get back from a trip up there, not sure when we are leaving. If there aren’t any yet then I will go into my archives and send you one. I do have one on PBS capture my Arizona on channel 8.5 ( there are a lot of photos on there. Two of my photographs were picked. It is a really beautiful slide show from all kinds of photographers, amature and professional. Have a great weekend in your part of the world.


  6. Thank you. You can do ladybugs and dragonflies too. I think those would also be really pretty. Add some wedding netting to the backs to add as wings. I have done that before with dragonfly picks. Just take a tiny bundle of netting and tie in center then glue to the backs. It looks really pretty when you add all kinds of details to your creations.


    1. Great, I love to see that. I am always curious what others come up with.


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