Back to the high country


We got green everyone.


If you read my last post on our trip to Our Little Red House then you will remember when I wrote about everything being dry and dead.


It was a pretty sad post.


The camp grounds were closed, the creeks were dry and there was dry yellow grass everywhere. Even the cows were looking a little sad on that trip…poor animals.


Wow, what a difference a few Monsoon storms can make. It is back to being beautiful and green once again. And on the drive up there were campers and families everywhere.


I am especially glad to see that. It was really spooky when there were no campers or people out up there in the woods.


On the drive up we stopped to collect some more birch wood branches for my little Swedish gnomes. It was so peaceful and just gorgeous.


My daughter recorded the beauty of our Arizona nature. If you listen closely you can hear the wind blowing through the leaves. This is a perfect spot for a nice comfortable quilt and a good book with a giant glass of ice-cold lemonade.


This was just the break we all needed from our city life.   I didn’t get out a lot while up at Our Little Red House. This trip was all about relaxation. But I always make time for a day of photography and on this trip I ran into an old car sitting out in a field.


I couldn’t pass up on this opportunity, thinking this would be so fun to just sit in and imagine driving it all over the planet. If I were to up cycle something like this besides restoring it, I think it would make a great mini movie theater.


The windshield would be the screen and all it would play would be films of road trips from around the world that both amateur and professional filmmakers shot. It would be a fun take on the different styles of what we all see out there on our road trips. For now though, if you sit in this old vehicle you will have to use your imagination for that kind of adventure.


I also got a chance to visit the little thrift store down the street. Remember it is only opened on Tuesdays and Saturdays. They had some beautiful flowers in bloom outside the store, such a striking color of pink.


I have my favorite section in the store, which is filled with all kinds of vintage fabric and craft supplies. I am always loading up on these supplies from the past. The prices are from the past as well since most items range in prices from .10 cents to a couple dollars.


I found an old nightgown that looks like it came from the 70’s. I haven’t figured out what I will make with this crazy busy and colorful fabric but I am sure I will come up with some recycling project.

sq test 1DSC_5243.JPG

I used some of the supplies from my shopping trip to make another one of my tiny teddies. I still have tons of fabric left from an old off white coat I bought. I have six little bears to make and give out this month for thank you gifts.


Alley cat as always hates when I am either reading or sewing little projects and will investigate what is so interesting that I would not want to pay attention to her. It is either that or she thinks I made her a new toy.


We have to bring Alley cat with us when we head up to the country.


She unfortunately has used up all her nine lives so we have to keep a close eye on her now. She is usually up to no good, getting stuck or getting into things she shouldn’t.


There was a yard sale up there that I had a chance to stop at and found the cutest little handmade quilt. I am going to hang it up in my spare room back down at the city. It was all chickens.

sq test 1DSC_5256.JPG

And I bought this adorable hand stitched needle organizer. The woman who sold it to me said she made it herself.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Out in our back yard the morning glories are coming back now that the rain is here. I can’t wait to see when there are purple flowers everywhere. Thank you Doug (Our next door neighbor up there) for taking care of the yard, it looks beautiful. If you look towards the back in this photo you will see a little red shed. This is our watershed that houses our well. When our kids were younger they help build this with their dad. Out there by the well we also have some wild blackberries that grow but the elk always get to them before we do.


Early one morning we headed down that old country dirt road to Cherry creek to collect stones for a book I received for my birthday in July. Who doesn’t like rock hunting? I haven’t had a chance to work on painting rocks yet but I can’t wait to start. I know it will be a fun project.

DSC_5158.JPG On our drive home I remembered our neighbors up there telling us about all the bear hunters in town and how there seems to be a lot of bears this year. They got three bears. I told my husband I wish I could see a live one in nature. I have seen just about every kind of animal out in our woods even a mountain lion but I still haven’t seen a bear. At one point during our drive back home, off in the distance I got really excited thinking that I spotted a bear, but when we got closer I discovered it was just a cow. Every time we head down that dirt road I always mistake those cattle for bear. Someday I will see a bear; lets just hope it is in a moving vehicle. I do not have the urge to see one up close and on foot.


We did see some deer, but I was too late in taking a photo so a butt shot it was.


I have so many photos of the behinds of deer that it is starting to get annoying. The second photo is a shot my husband took when he saw how disappointment I was that I once again got a shot of the deer’s behind. He also tried to get a good shot but those deer are shy little creatures. He shrugged his shoulders, handed the camera back to me and said “ I tried” and really that is all anyone can do. Sometimes we will say to each other that some things are for our eyes only and just be happy you got to witness it.


On the way back to the city we stopped off for a short visit in Payson, Arizona. Payson is so beautiful; I would love to have a place here. It reminds me of those small towns you see everywhere in movies that are just perfect little towns where everyone is friendly and it is just a great place to raise a family.


We stopped and checked out the old Sidles mud house in Payson.


An old house built back in the day when homesteaders were afraid of the natives burning down their homes. It reminds me of the movie I just got through watching called Hostiles with Christian Bale, which is playing on Netflix right now. I love how the movie shows how ugly both sides can be when people do not get along. If you get a chance you should watch this, it is a really good movie and I think the message is so important, that wars are ugly and should never exist because we all lose in the end. Anyway, this mud home reminded me of that movie after reading the history on it.


This mud house must have been quite a project for the whole family to build together. I love sculpting (even though I really can’t sculpt) and I imagine this being like sculpting a home…hey, looks like fun.


Next to the mud house are little red houses.


I joked with everyone that these were our next little red house projects but I am always joking about that with old beat up houses. There were a couple nervous laughs from our kids but my husband just looked at me and smiled, knowing that we both need a new project to take on.


And just down the street from the mud house is a cute little bakery we stopped off at for chocolate chip cookies, raspberry Danishes and peanut butter cookies. We all have different taste.


Hope you all enjoyed this little trip back to Our Little Red House. Can’t wait to head back up soon. Have a great weekend everyone. Stay safe and healthy out there in the world…and happy adventures to you all.




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