1920’s magazine part 1….


Here it is, one of my treasures from that old rock house, a 1920’s magazine. I will try not to include the name because I am not promoting or getting anything from this, just want to share with all of you one of my treasures from that old rock house shed.


I think it is really interesting how much has changed over the years. I wasn’t even on this planet when this magazine was printed. Thought I start this first part out on the different foods available back then.


Women had the roles of the homemakers back in the 1920’s so there were a lot of ads geared towards that kind of lifestyle. From these ads it looks like mom was always there with a yummy home cooked meal.


I don’t even think I have ever in my life tried plum pudding, not even sure what it is. Maybe when I was a toddler my Grandma or someone gave me some, it was from their childhood so maybe they still made it.


A lot of the food ads came with recipes.


The packaging on some of these products has changed over the years. That is if the products still exist.


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Now days there are a lot of ads promoting healthy eating, not sure if you would still find an ad for cooking fat as they call it here, maybe during the holidays. Which reminds me, coming up in November I will be at my aunts again when she makes all her yummy pies. I can’t wait. I always get pecan.


Here is a healthy ad.


Some fruit


And who can forget oatmeal. Seems like there were a lot of oat ads in this magazine. I still love a good bowl of hot porridge. Oats are still pretty cheap to buy and they fill you up, plus I make great oatmeal cookies that my family loves.


My morning meal of oats:

½ cup of oats, chopped walnuts, ½ an apple, peeled and chopped, 1 tsp. Butter,1/4 cup water microwave for about 2 mins.

Then add ¼ skim milk after cooking. Don’t forget to sprinkle cinnamon and sugar over that.


There are so many interesting things to see in this magazine that I will have to post in small parts. My daughter laughed a little at my last couple of posts “ Wow mom, this is like a novel” anyway I do need to shorten things a bit, I tend to get carried away with wanting to share with you all. Next post will be on furniture and home decorating from the 20’s and one of my favorite post of course will be on fashion from the 20’s, The hats and dresses were amazing back them. This magazine has several parts to it, which is a good thing because I will need to take some time off for awhile again. Our Little Red House will be all about a 1920’s magazine for the next few posts, and then hopefully I will be back to my regular DIY’s and Arizona adventures.


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