Home decorating from the 1920’s…part two


Okay, this has always been my favorite part when looking for magazines in that old rock house. I loved getting my hands on anything that had to do with decorating. Now I do love my crafting but that is mostly a hobby of mine. My true passion has always been home design and decorating.

I always looked forward to Halloween as a child, not because of the candy but because I would get a chance once a year to see the inside of all the beautiful homes I loved in our neighbor and my favorite was an adobe across the street from us.

Two professors lived there that taught at a university in our city. They both were always so nice and I always got a tour of their beautiful home whenever they saw me at their door for Halloween.

While I ate my full sized candy bars that they handed out, they would walk me around their home talking about the art on their walls and the souvenirs from their travels around the world. I wonder what their home would have looked like in the 1920’s. They loved to entertain so I know it would have been beautiful then as well as it was in the 80’s.

The 1920’s were a time of really caring about the things we filled our homes with because of all the entertaining they did with friends back then, just like my favorite neighbors across the street from my childhood home.

The designs back in the 1920’s were not only practical like this cabinet with all its storage but also to me were very pretty.


Of course I would love to get my hands on one of these cabinet’s. When I am out second hand shopping for unique items I am always on the hunt for things like this.


Can’t forget dishes for our cabinets. Everything was so beautiful back then for the homes, guess it was for all that entertaining they did. Remember they did not have cell phones, computers or televisions in the 1920’s. All they had were each other to keep entertained with. I wonder if there were a lot of jealous housewives and overworked husbands back then trying to keep up with the Jones’s.


I have a couple of these chairs hanging around in rooms. I have three, two up north and one in my kitchen (my favorite) that my cats also love. It is all taped up and surrounded by scratch pads to help keep them distracted from it.


I do love my wing-back chairs. There was a lot of blue in this ad. A very calming and beautiful color.


Most of the ads promoted keeping your house not only beautiful with their products but also very clean.


There were ads for rugs.



And ads for beautiful living rooms which always had a fireplace somewhere in the rooms.


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I loved this white couch, maybe not great for a family of kids and animals but it has a classic look about it so it would even work now in the 21st century. Notice the fireplace? In Arizona we don’t have a lot of homes with fireplaces here in the city but up north where it snows those fireplaces do come in hand. We have an old cook-stove in Our Little Red House and that thing gets hot. It is crazy how well those old stoves work.DSC_2278.JPG

I always called this type of couch a hide-a-bed sofa. I have one up at the little red house. It’s not very comfortable but it is better than sleeping on a hard floor. Got to be thankful for those little things too.


I have seen these blankets at thrift stores over the years. I should have picked up some. They are really soft to touch, so if you are out junk shopping and see a design like this, it just might be a blanket from the 1920’s.


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I imagine someone being very happy receiving a set of pans like this as a gift. My husband who loves to cook I know would love this set.


This photo did not turn out too well but I still wanted to share it with you all because I just love the homey feelings I get from it. I want a breakfast nook like this to drink hot cocoa and read in.


So there you have it, home decorating from the 1920’s, hope you all loved seeing some of these ads from a time long ago. We have a lot of conveniences now so our lives have really improved. Next post will be on Fashion ads from the 20’s. I did write that there was a lot to cover in this giant magazine. It is double the size of standard magazines we have today.


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