DIY Laundry basket


This is just a quick project that all ages can do to add some pretty storage ideas to your rooms.


I picked up this little laundry basket the other day for $1. The gaps between it are pretty wide and open so I decided to weave some scrap fabric through it so I could store smaller items without them falling out.


First you will need to cut your fabric into strips.



Then glue down the first strip and start weaving that through the basket.


Tie other strips to the main strip to continue weaving, switching colors and patterns to add some variety to the basket.


Once you are finished glue that last end down to the basket.


Now you can store items without them falling through the cracks. I think a variety of different sizes of baskets would look pretty in a baby room. I have seen this done before, years ago with a beach purse basket. Someone weaved handkerchiefs through it and it was really adorable.


This is also a great project for speech lesson with your children. Work in some lessons on prepositions. Guiding then through the process of weaving while saying out loud over and under to remind them of that preposition. Plus teaching kids how to be clean and organized with their toys and rooms is never a bad thing. I had baskets all over my home when the kids were little for easy clean up with their toys. We would sing the clean up song together and they would know it was time to tidy.

Clean up, Clean up

Everybody everywhere

Clean up, clean up

Everybody do their share.


Happy organizing everyone.

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  1. kat says:

    What a great idea! I think my kids will enjoy playing in it more than helping me make it, but at least it’ll be a pretty way of storing their toys. Thanks for the idea!

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    1. You’re welcome, glad you like it. The basket was at Walmart for their back to school supplies and you can’t beat the price of $1. Our cats usually take over our baskets.

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  2. Fantastic laundry basket upgrade!

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  3. Cute! Basket!
    Our kids had a toy room and it had tons of bins (I was ocd then and tried my heart out to keep the toys sorted lol)
    Our go to song was not really a song but phrase..from the big comfy couch…10 SECOND TIDY!

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    1. Found the basket at Walmart, and I love the couch idea. What ever works when getting the kiddos to help out is always good in my book. I was and still am a bit of a ocd when trying to stay organized. I try not to drive my family crazy but it does help with every thing has a place

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  4. It was at Walmart during the back to school rush. They sold out of all the white baskets which would have looked really nice with the colorful fabric. I really like contrasting colors.


  5. This is so adorable. Thank you for sharing this great idea!

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    1. You’re welcome. So glad you like them.

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  6. Girl, you have a great eye, and talent for creating the most pretty, useful things!

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    1. Awww…thank you. I am working on a bunch of DIY’s to be posted in the next couple of months. My favorite (November post) is of a pretty Fall flower center piece. MY son bought me the prettiest basket and I just had to fill it with flowers of course. The best thing of all was that it only ended up costing around $5 for all the supplies…love being frugal.

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      1. I look forward to reading all about it 🙂

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  7. I love this! What a great idea and like the suggestion about having kids join in – great motor and speech development.

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    1. Thank you. I had baskets everywhere when my kids were tiny, it was great for fast clean ups.

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