Fashions from the 1920’s…part three Rock house magazine.


I should let my daughter write this post up. This is her expertise, all things fashion. She is a fashion fanatic. Anyway here they are…beautiful clothes and designs from the 1920’s. At least I think they are pretty.


The fashion ads are all works of art. Some of the dresses back in the 20’s were just gorgeous.


These dresses here ranged in price from $3-$5. Can you imagine getting a dress that cheap now days? Maybe at a secondhand shop if you are lucky.


They even had plus sized dresses that were pretty. Look at their hats. I wonder what people would think nowadays if hats came back into fashion. They only seem to be in fashion in England and at weddings.


Now this I can’t even imagine having to wear.


Corsets look like they took a lot of time to put on and I bet they itched. They look itchy to me. So happy Spanx was invented. Although I never have owned Spanx I am sure they are a lot more comfortable then a corset. I mean, come on, look at this…it looks like a nightmare to wear. I won’t even go into bathroom issues, maybe a little TMI there.


Even kids had pretty outfits. Who would want their kids to get dirty in these? I think  these outfits were considered the dress clothes for Sunday church. My favorite is the checkered overcoat with the black hat.


Wow, how shoes have changed since the 1920’s. Sorry, but these slippers aren’t very pretty, hope they really were comfortable like the ad says.



Look at the drawing of this dress. It is so pretty. It would look nice in a tiny frame. In fact, most of these ads would look pretty in a frame. This isn’t even an ad for a dress; it’s a tooth powder ad.



This was pretty. Wonder what she is thinking about. That is a look of love…it’s got to be a that.


An article on fashions


Designer dresses from long ago. Again, look at those gorgeous hats. We need to bring hats back into fashion, they do look pretty. I like the one with flowers of course, you know me and my flowers. There was a lot to this article, maybe I will post a larger photos of these designer dresses in another post. When I took photos for this post it was outside (during the summer and record temps) and I was getting over a nasty summer cold, so some of the photos are not my usual style. This ad alone needs more attention because the drawings for these dresses were amazing to me.


There was also an article about the different fashions to wear for different occasions.


Like driving with friends.


Out to a theater.


Out for dinner.


Wow, what pressure there must have been back in the 20’s to always dress nice and to look pretty? I would have stood out like a sore thumb with my painted covered jeans and old t-shirts, which I love by the way.


They were very pretty with their styles back then, that’s for sure.


I did not have any ads of men’s fashions. This was a 1920’s women’s magazine after all. Hope you all enjoyed. Part 4  will be on beauty products of the 1920’s. If you want to check out some 21st fashion styles by another fashion fanatic like my daughter then check out blog ( She is not only a beautiful person inside and out but she is also very talented with her outfits and matching them to nature. I didn’t do a favorite posts this past month but if I had, this post would have been one of them. Looks like she had a very colorful and fun vacation in Mexico.


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  1. Fascinators are a must if you are going to a wedding in England at the moment – you simply can’t be seen without one!! x

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    1. They are so pretty, it would be nice if they did that here in America as well. I love seeing the different styles when people dress up.


  2. Im not a hat person unless a beanie counts lol. But the fluff and frills of girl fashion past facinates this tom boy. Id love nightgowns from the 1800s early 1900s.

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    1. Yeah, just like the pretty nightgowns the pioneers used to wear with pretty lace around the trims. I also have a bit of a tomboy. I think it runs in the family because there are a lot of us. We prefer t’shirts and pants and dresses were always for special occasions.

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  3. I love a lot of the dresses I’ve seen from the 1920s.

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    1. They had great style back then. What is so great about the 21st century is that you can wear anything you want and it’s in style because it’s your style. So we can be as creative as we want when dressing up, as long as it isn’t too silly.

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  4. mel says:

    Very lovely and pretty vintage!

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  5. Aren’t yhese just divine!!!

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    1. They did have some really pretty dresses back then.


      1. It was asuch a pretty era with perfume atomizers, brush & mirror sets, compacts, cigarette cases and tips, styish hats and jazzy music!

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      2. I agree, they had such pretty items back then.


  6. I love hats too. I wear one every time i leave the house. Not as pretty as these. Either a big floppy one or a cap. Nose cancer will do that for you 🙂 I have dozens of hats. I couldn’t imagine keeping up with all the dresses. Porch, riding, bleacher dresses, my goodness.

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    1. I know, I can’t image it either. I forgot to ask if everything is okay in your part of the world. I know there was a huge storm and flooding, hope you and your family and friends are all okay and safe. I kept everyone over there in my prayers. My husband just told me there was a really bad tsunami in Indonesia this week and thousands died, that is so sad. I checked online today and everything coming up was weird articles about the political tension in this country, how to put on false eye lashes, wild goats being shipped out of a national part because they like human pee, or what china the royal princess had at her wedding and a shark attack in San Diego (which is so sad and scary…poor little boy) anyway my prayers are with those thousands in Indonesia now. I can’t believe I had to search for this news. It is crazy what is posted as news now days or shown on television. We don’t have cable so we aren’t on news station a lot, just what shows on on streaming now and then. So please stay safe out there in the world and God Bless you and your family. Oh and thank you for all the prayers everyday and your blog, it is very kind what you do. Wow, this was a long comment…guess I am just really upset hearing about thousands loosing their lives in a far off country.

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      1. We were blessed. There are people here that have lost everything, and now being treated horribly by the insurace compaies. We pay more than any where in the state for premiums and I mean 120% more compared to other parts of the state, even though historically more claims being filed in the other parts of the state, and not from here. Now, insurance wants to deny, or pay nothing compared to what repairs will cost.

        Don’t even get me started on what nonsense the insurance adjuster told us about the damage to our home, and property. It was ridiculous, and insulting.

        Your prayers are appreciated. I had no idea about Indonesia but then again I never watch the news.

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      2. That is awful about the insurance companies, they can be so horrible and at a time when people are down and need help. It is good that you don’t watch the news as well, it will just upset you. It is better watching positive things. Sometimes I think there is an agenda to separate people and keep them scared and that is what the news to me is mostly about. I think it is more important to know your neighbors and care for one another helping each other out and spreading kindness and love.

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      3. Well said my friend and very true as to how we should be 🙂

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  7. My Journey as Housewife... says:

    Love this time and all the hats to!

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    1. I know, those hats were amazing back then.


  8. 3C Style says:

    Oh my, I just read your post three months late… So sorry! But what a pleasure to read you. Firstly, I want to thank you for your kind words. I am deeply touched. 😍What a great informative and fun post! We learn a lot about the society of the time by looking at the ads of the past. I have a particular interest for the 20’s. This period was influenced by the development of graphic design and advertising and as we know it has been significant for women. It is indeed the beginning of an era of change, women could work, go out, drive, smoke cigarettes and drink, and of course there was Coco Chanel… Have you noticed the way socks were made back in the 1920? They were made to be worn more than twice that’s for sure. Thank you again for this beautiful post. Keep well. -Dominique xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome. I need to let everyone know when I link back or mention them, so sorry I forgot. Sometimes I get very busy and it is hard enough just posting something. I bet those socks kept their feet really warm too.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. 3C Style says:

        No worries. I totally understand. You are doing a great job with your blog. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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