Beauty products from the 1920’s…rock house magazine part 4


Okay, wow, didn’t realize there would be so many parts to this rock house story. The first three photos in this post are from a perfume ad. I love the colors and some of the scenes in the ad remind me of Cinderella. I wonder if Walt Disney himself saw this ad back then when he did the story Cinderella.


Anyway this one I will try to keep short and sweet. Seems like things in the beauty department back in the 20’s were mostly about keeping those teeth healthy.


There were a lot of ads for tooth care.

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Also hair was pretty important and looks like long hairstyles were the norm from what most of these ads were. This is a lot of hair.


And here is how they curled all that hair back then. Or if you were poor, you just used old rags to curl your hair. Bet the rags were a lot softer.


There were shampoo ads like this one.


This shampoo was made from coconut oil.


Loved the soap ads.


There were a lot of soap ads too.


This soap ad included a mom staring at her daughter’s little shoe lovingly.


Thinking about when she grows up.


And the skin problems she will have if she doesn’t clean her dirty face…so serious.


Then, in the corner of the ad there are camels and I really didn’t understand what this represented after reading how concerned this mother was for her little girls skin. Then I saw that this soap is known worldwide.


Guess the bottom half of this ad represents the people of the world. My imagination got the best of me and I thought it was about traveling with camels and caring your own food and water and just how dirty doing all those things would be for this mom.s little girl. I loved how beautiful this ad was…it is pretty after all, don’t you think?


Soap was a very important part of the beauty regime in the 1920’s. Love the simplicity of that. Now days face care can get very complicated. Wonder what the women back then would have thought of Botox.


My nana always said to make sure you never leave your house without a little lipstick on.  Seems like they did not use a lot of make up back then.


And lets not forget lotion. Keeping that skin soft was and still is important to this day.


Would be nice if we could all go back to that simplicity, less stuff to worry about putting on our faces. I actually only use make up when going out, which is mascara, lip balm, moisturizer mixed with my foundation and concealer, maybe a little brown eye shadow on my bottom lashes and that is it. I was never good at make up so I don’t even try to pretend. When I was a teenager I tried copying those fashion magazines but I just ended up looking over done in the end so I stuck with the basics after that.

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