DIY’s from the 1920’s…rock house magazine part 5

This was the cool part when I looked through this magazine, the fact that even back in the 1920’s they did crafts. More so in fact, since there were no other distractions like we have today. Also things were harder to come by so you had to either figure out how to make something yourself or fix something that broke.

This magazine was an issue from the month of February, the month of love. There were a lot of Valentine crafts in it like these adorable paper dolls.


They also had some great tips on what to do with lemons. If you lived in Arizona back then, then you had access to plenty of lemons. They grow everywhere in this state.


There were even some recipes for lemon drinks

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This was interesting. It was an article on how to turn old containers into lamps. Looks like they did a lot of up-cycling too.


There was another article on embroidering your dresses in time for the summer.


There is no way I would have the time or talent to do this today. This must have been something housewives did after doing all that laundry by hand, if they couldn’t afford a washing machine that is.


I bet these dresses once finished were beautiful in person.


Loved this ad because of the colors of yarn. I also have a bit of a thing for yarn crafts.


There was even plans for how to build your own house. Since we are on the subject of houses, I just have to mention Restlessroots  and their journey of building a beautiful cabin by a lake. It is amazing to me when someone can start a home from nothing. At Our little Red House we just redid some things and fixed it up but to be able to build something from the beginning…WOW, okay, I’m impressed. I love when people build something with their own two hands.


Then there was a really great article on how to make your own hats.


There was this one.


Hat number two.


Number three.


Hat number 4.


And finally this one.


Hope you all enjoyed some DIY’s from the 1920’s. Next and final post from this old magazine will be photos from the back pages. Hope you have a chance to stop by and check it out.








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