Living in a magazine.


It has been almost a century since that magazine I looked through was first published. The pages are crumbling and tearing easily now. I did not think ahead to the future when I first touched that old magazine in the rock house. I would have never imagined that some day I would be sharing it with people on a little machine around the world. It amazes me how far our technology has come.


Instead I got lost in the 1920’s and what it must have been like then. I would never have thought that the magazine from the past compared to the magazine of the future would be so different but also very similar in how we still live in this modern 21st century of ours.

How the years have changed in our society. That same magazine in the 21st century would be filled with ad after ad. Medicines would mostly be what they would push, that and perfect lives with beautiful products all easily available online.


Gone were the simpler times of making things yourself, although the modern magazine would have some fun DIY’s here and there, but most came with some sort of product placement.


In the 21st century magazine it was page after page of ads and products and buy, buy, buy. On the covers all bright and beautiful it is hard not to grab one to try out the newest recipe or see where the “it” person of the week went on vacation.


Gone were ordinary people in photos promoting lifestyles and tips and in it’s place decades later it would be extraordinary people with fame behind their names with their own products easily available all online.


Sometimes I think to myself, what would I have thought looking through the two magazines side by side in that rock house. First of course I would probably think I was stuck in some time machine. But then I would think how strange these two worlds were, so similar in some areas yet so very different in others.


I probably be very thankful I didn’t live in either of those worlds, although the 20’s did seem much more simpler and I love the 21st century with all it’s convenience as well.


I am sure I would have thought that the pressure to live in the 21st century to me as a child would have looked impossible. Gone were stories about what to wear when going on a drive with friends and in it’s place were stories on tragedies and heroism in the modern magazine.


I do love my magazines, have since I was a child but I also know that they can be dangerous. I remember hearing the term to never look in a beauty magazine because you will end up feeling ugly. I never felt this way when I was looking through beauty magazines, but there are some out there that may feel ugly looking through such beautiful and touched up photos. Now days anyone can look like a super model with the right Ap. Since I was a teenager, I always looked at every ad and article as a form of art. People can be art too. I have been blessed with artists eyes and I do love using them and what better way to use them then by looking through books and magazines.


You know if there is that warning to never look at beauty magazines then the same can be said of any magazine now in the 21st century. They are fun to check in and look at now and then but we also have to understand the impossible dreams they promote. Its fine to look through and fantasize but we also need to look around at the life we live in at that moment and realize how much we have in our own lives and how beautiful those things are.


I will always pick my life and all the old furniture I have fixed up, or my favorite outfits I have put together. My Nana’s homemade salsa recipe and my pretty tablecloth with the tiny stain that will never come out…I love it all. But the best things in my environment that you can’t find in those magazines are the real people in my life, my friends and family. That is the magazine I would choose to live in, the one I am standing in right now.


Hope you all enjoyed my little adventure from the rock house and what is left of my magazine from the past. Remember to look around at this very moment and see how beautiful the things are in your own life and don’t ever feel pressure to live in a paper world because our world is beautiful just the way it is.

All the photos in this post are from that magazine from the 1920’s.dsc_6680.jpg

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