DIY- A whole assortment of pumpkin baskets.


Since I was making baskets anyway (link to post on cat baskets) figured I might as well continue and make some pumpkin themed baskets as well.


I did some rope baskets like this one with black button eyes.


This one was done in the more traditional Jack-O-Lantern style.


Some of my weaving with pipe cleaners.


I have tons of pipe cleaners around my house for all kinds of projects.


The smallest baskets I weaved were anywhere from 1-2 inches.


The small baskets are the perfect sizes for bits of chocolate pieces.


For a quick up-cycled basket project for anyone not into weaving just re-do an old basket by wrapping orange yarn around the handles and baskets.


Add some Jack-O-Lantern features and create away.


Before you know it, your whole home will be filled with Fall themed decorations. Fill your baskets with potpourri to scent your homes.DSC_6084.JPG


For instructions on the different styles of baskets click on links below.





Happy Fall decorating everyone and please remember to include all levels and all ages when crafting.



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  1. Sell them on Etsy next year!!

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    1. I tried Etsy for awhile but couldn’t keep up and wasn’t great at marketing or the site design. I want to set up some sort of shop but mostly little patterns and kits I design with vintage supplies. That way everyone can craft together. It is such a fun hobby and I read somewhere it is a great stress reliever.


      1. Well you are fab at it!

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