Pumpkin hunting in Arizona


Halloween is just around the corner and I needed to get some pumpkins for our yearly tradition of carving a jack-o’-lantern. Even though my kids are no longer kids, ones 18 the other 20, I don’t care…I love pumpkins. I think I will always stay a kid at heart. My home is always going to have a box of crayons somewhere in it along with a box of vintage toys off in a corner.


Well along with toys comes my holiday traditions that I will always do every year and picking out our pumpkin for the year is one of our top things to do.


There are several ways to buy your pumpkins here Arizona. You can go to a pumpkin patch/farm for the whole Fall experience, pick one up at a Farmers market, a grocery store or grow one yourself.


Our weather is very fickle and annoying, some years are good and some not. Then you have the whole desert climate to deal with. There are not a lot of pumpkins that can survive growing in those conditions.


Up north at Our Little Red House the summer was so dry that the pumpkins did not grow and they had to get pumpkins like they do here in the city which is to have them shipped in from other places.


So I can’t really say where there is an actual pumpkin patch in our state. We just don’t have good pumpkin growing weather.


But, not to worry, there are still tons of pumpkins to pick here in Arizona. The first place we checked was a farm.


The weather that weekend was wet and rainy so parts of the farm were closed because of flooding.


There is the haunted corn maze and all kinds of fun Fall events to do at most pumpkin patch farms.


They have jellies, fruits and veggies for sale in their little stands up front.


This one was super crowded and people were lined up everywhere with their pumpkins they were ready to purchase.


The prices ranged anywhere from $1-$13, at least those were the lowest and highest prices I saw.


I am frugal, so I knew I could get a better deal somewhere else. At the farm you are paying for the atmosphere, the experience. Everything will always cost a little bit more at a farm/pumpkin patch, but if you have little ones, it is worth the extra money buying your pumpkins here. The cute Fall photo opportunities alone are worth a stop at a farm pumpkin patch.


Remember my kids are grown so there was no way I was getting them to pose next to a pumpkin smiling away…now that would be funny. I have plenty from when they were little.


So we headed off to Sprouts ( a healthy grocery store) and bought a decent sized pumpkin for $2.99 and some little ones for .69 cents each.


Then I didn’t stop there, at Walmart they had a huge center display of hay and pumpkins everywhere that were really big for $5.


Here they are, my assortment of pumpkins. Can’t wait to start carving. Oh, and I can not carve, so my pumpkins look scary on Halloween. But what fun we have trying to create crazy faces on our pumpkins. Happy hunting everyone and don’t throw those seeds away, I have a re-post coming up on what to do with the seeds. Some really pretty ornaments, or you can always eat them.











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  1. Oh my, look at the selection! The images are so pretty. I would have loved to visit that farm. It looks like it would have kept me busy even with parts of it being closed due to the rain. I laughed at you being frugal. I couldn’t help it, it sounded just like something I would have said about the prices 🙂 🙂

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    1. Yeah, my kids laugh at me all the time when I say things like that. Farms are so fun to visit. My husband wants to have one but with little animals like goats, rabbits and chickens. The cows and horses would be very hard for us to take care of I think. I remember when we had horses when I was a little girl and they do take a lot of work. It’s a fun daydream for us both. For now, we have a mini farm with chickens in the city and a garden we struggle to keep alive.

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      1. With the chickens you have some wonderful fertilizers 🙂 🙂 hehehe. Hubby wants the same. I will settle for the farm part, so I can have a large garden. Enough to feed us, and can, and freeze.

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      2. That sounds like the life. Up north, there are so many people that can and freeze their foods for the winter months, it is just like the old days up in that small town. Wish I had more time to hang out and learn some of those skills. For now, here in the city I will just have to stick with YouTube, which is also fun.

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  2. This post is darling and your pictures are amazing!

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    1. Thank you, thought it would be fun to show you some of our pumpkins over here. Think I might paint faces on them this year, I am not good with the knives and these pumpkins are hard to carve. I don’t know how those pumpkin artist do it. Everyone is blessed with some sort of gift and pumpkin carving just isn’t mine.

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      1. I am not a good carver either. Painting is better… I agree! 🤗

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  3. jama says:

    Love this post. You came away with a nice haul. Happy Halloween!

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    1. Thank you, loved your Tuesday post as well. That one artist that did a whole store with felt creations was amazing. I will have to share that with my family later. I laughed when she said she watched a lot of Netflix and sewed. I have done a lot of my little hand sewn critters while streaming some show. Those two go hand in hand, movies and sewing, that’s one of my fun me time moments. Love to meet that artist is person, so creative. Have a great weekend and Happy Halloween to you too.


  4. lanature76 says:

    Cute pictures! I am thrilled just looking(*^▽^*)

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    1. Thank you, so glad you like them.

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  5. Tanya Kohl says:

    We are going to pick out pumpkins and carve them too.🎃🍁

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    1. That is so fun. I hope I do better this year. I need better pumpkin carving tools.

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  6. Dandelion B says:

    Haha my friend,you and me both will not pay a ton for a pumpkin nor can we carve lol.
    we paid 99 cents on sale a few weeks back at the grocery store and will carve them soon ( at least try) so hmmm shall I save some seeds and see what creative ways you use them? we roasted them in the past. we also have a nice patch farm with activities and we went every year when the troops were little, we wanted to go last year hubs and I but they all of a sudden have a no dogs policy so we deiced well you lost our business, in fact every one around has the same policy all of a sudden. Tree farms still allow them and I hope it doesn’t change, soon its family time to go get our xmas tree with our dog right there with us.

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    1. How sweet, love that your dog is one of the family and treated as such. Our pets are really part of our families. I miss our dog, he died years ago and we haven’t had the heart to get another one since. We still have the kids cats and then little Alley cat showed up one day half dead so I kept her alive and now she is very attached to me. How fun to pick out a Christmas tree, I haven’t decided whether to pull down our fake one from the attic or get another live one this year. My pumpkin seed re-post will be coming up this Friday. I made pretty little flower ornaments with the seeds last year, but yeah, we eat them too.

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      1. Dandelion B says:

        3 doggos here. A Chihuahua, puggle and our collie lab mix. She is the one who goes with us most our puggle is 11 and chichi 9. We lost or collie shepard in 2016 he was 13 and our cat this may she was 14. We have one who is 9 my daughters who is now ours lol 4 and the kitten a half maincoon 7 months old. I have fish and youngest has a 5 year old guniea. They are all 100% always part of the family. Our dog developed seizures and we made sure someone was here with him always and when it wasnt possibel we had a security camera installed to check in on him. A seizure ultimately toom him in his sleep one morning, tore us apart and we knew we needed his presence here so we got a simular puppy…except she is a girl. Both hubz and I have his paw tatooed on us and his ashes in oir room where he slept and passed.

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      2. Wow, your home is filled with love and life. We have chickens, cats and a giant tank full of fish. Growing up we had horses, a goat, a pig, guinea pigs, a turtle, a frog, lizards, birds, pony, mice, pet sparrow I rescued that wouldn’t leave my side when it finally became an adult, and fan tail guppies. Told my husband that if I was rich I would spend my money on animals not jewels, so we would basically live in a zoo. I would have to win the lottery but I never play. I dad used to play every week and every week he would say the same thing, that if he won, everyone in the family would get money. My dad was always like that, always sharing everything with everyone. That is sad about your dog that died, I hate it when animals die and refuse to watch Disney movies if I think an animal will die in it.


      3. Dandelion B says:

        Haha my dad was the same! Hubz and I only play for fun when its a big jack pot..and if we win he knows i am buying a farm and rescuing all the animals i can…and having a cow..black and white cow is my non domesticated fave animal.

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      4. So funny, we only play for the huge jack pots too. Probably how those jack pots get so huge, all the non-players come out to play.

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