Quick trip to Our Little Red House


Time to start thinking about winter so we headed up north to get things ready for the Winter season coming up.


We had some weeds to clear out and I was happy to see some purple morning glories still hanging around our old fence. They will be gone soon but the apple trees in town everywhere were full. Our neighbors offered us some but we forgot to send the kids out to pick some for us to bring back home to the city.


There were sunflowers out everywhere as well. This always makes me think of Fall when we drive into town, those sunflowers everywhere on the sides of roads. I did a beautiful Fall basket centerpiece back in the city with faux sunflowers, I will have to share that DIY with you all later. Sunflowers are some of my favorite flowers.


Christmas was the theme on this trip, even though Fall was in the air. It was officially the first day of Fall when we decided to drive up that night under that bright moon, which looked so pretty on all the Forrest trees. I had Christmas ornaments all ready to make and post on later.


That night when we drove in, we went to drop off a birthday gift for our friends down the street at DeadBroke Inn. They had guest with them that night who were celebrating a wedding anniversary. We all sat around the campfire they had going and talked about everything from the selection of movies now to what was going on in town.

In the distance the Elk were making their mating calls all around us and the noises were setting off the cattle in town, at least that’s what I believe was setting them off. But to be silly I said “ Wow, what is going on with the cows tonight, there is either a cougar out there somewhere in the dark or Bigfoot” and I got the chills when I looked out in the moonlight towards the darkness where the cows were.

When we were all inside our beds later that night trying to sleep through all the elk in town making all their mating noses my husband said he heard a whole heard of hooves clicking down the street towards the center of town and asked if I heard it which I didn’t. I probably would have poked my head out the front door to take a peek, carefully of course. Elk can kill you if they decide to attack. A woman up north in another town was attacked by one this summer in her own front yard. Thank God she was able to get away, it was a mamma elk worried about her baby.

I love seeing the elk in the wild but Alpacas are so much friendlier and they are everywhere up north too. I tried making some with a pattern from a craft book and here are my finished products. Remember, up north we stick to the simple things like cooking, reading and making things by hand when up at our little red house.


There is no cable TV, internet or phones up in that house. It’s a great place to get away from technology and take a break from the city. If you are one of my followers you have read this before about our visits up north. I wish everyone took some time off from cell phones and technology and spent time doing the simple things every now and then, it would help get people to spend time with one another and become closer.


The next morning we went across the street to see the changes going on at the old Hoghland store museum. What a treat having this old building across the street from us, it’s a beautiful view of the old west times.


Our neighbors and friends have been very busy fixing up the cabins around the store.


It used to be really empty back in the day, here is an old photo of the area. Our Little Red House was built in the 1940’s so it isn’t in this photo but the land where it would be built is. Such cute little boys being pulled around in their little red wagons.


The old cowboys, ranchers and townsfolk used to sit around up on that old wooden porch at the store waiting for the mail.


Now that old wooden porch is all cleaned up and empty but it still feels like nothing has changed. A nice place to sit with a cup of cocoa or coffee watching the day go by.


That morning while I was hanging out on that old porch I heard horses coming up the street.


It was a beautiful early morning to be greeted by people out taking a stroll down the road using horses instead of vehicles. It was so quiet and peaceful.


Inside the store I strolled around looking at old products from long ago.


Our friends had some really pretty Valentines on display which made me think about those old magazines my uncle used to collect and all those beautiful detailed post cards and valentines they had back then.


There was also a really cute display at the store of comical postcards. I know my uncle would have liked these too.




Went out back to see the art studio they were getting ready to build. Can’t wait to see the finished room. I know it will look amazing, maybe I will try my hand at painting with our friends up there. Looks like one of my “Nailed it” posts might be coming up in the future. That for sure will get some laughs at my attempts at painting.




Karla is the artist up there with her paintings displayed all around her home.I know she will produce a lot of really pretty paintings when her art studio is finished.


This was a very short trip, so after we visited our friends for a bit we invited them over to our place for some of my husband’s pulled pork sandwiches with his special sauce.


Then we packed up to head back to the city after lunch. On the way out we saw some deer again.

DSC_6570.JPG Also there were red wildflowers out everywhere in the woods that looked so beautiful. These photos do not do it justice, the sun was in a hard place so the photos aren’t the best.


Hope you all enjoyed this trip back to Our Little Red House with us. Stay safe, healthy and happy out there in the world and thank you for stopping by for a visit.


The rest of the photos below are from the trip.







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