DIY-Pumpkin seed ornaments


Went way back for this one, can’t believe how many posts I have on here. I remember these early days of blogging and I am still figuring it all out, plus I have a new computer now and everything is different. I will not even go into the frustrations with learning new programs, still having fun blogging and sharing with you all. I have hit over 300 followers this month so thank you everyone for that. Hope you all enjoy this re-post of what to do with all those pumpkin seeds. I am sure you will have a lot after Halloween, so make some art and have fun creating flowers.


Okay, blogging is not what I thought it would be, it is fun, but it is a ton of work. I have finally figured out the “Like” area, so now I can like others, which is nice but that is just a tiny bit of what the blogging world is all about. I really was spending a ton of time raising my kids and being a homemaker so I just left all this technical stuff to the rest of the world, then one day I woke up and it was a different world, anyway it is fun figuring it all out and I love all those adventure stories and ideas out there that everyone is sharing.


So today I have a little time to make those pumpkin ornaments I was talking about in a past blog post. We are getting ready for another mini trip up north and my plate is actually pretty full with projects but these little ornaments don’t really take a lot of time or supplies.


If you still have pumpkins seeds left from Halloween, you can bake them and add salt or you can create art with them.


Because I didn’t have a whole lot of time, I decided to try something different and got out my dyes which included fabric dyes, food coloring dyes and even some ink. Instead of water coloring or hand coloring pumpkin seeds individually I thought it would be faster to color several at once using dyes. I was taking a huge chance here, not really knowing how they would turn out, wondering if it was going to be one of those “nailed it” moments that all us crafters experience now and then when we try something someone else has done that just looks so beautiful but ours turns out looking pretty sad…but very funny.


Before you get started here are some supplies you will need:

Pumpkin seeds

Assorted colors of dyes, but you can use permanent markers or water colors if you like, or just keep them plain.

Baker’s twine (dollar stores always has a nice variety to choose from if you are frugal like me)


Card stock or any cardboard will do ( I used an old cereal box)

Gloves (working in dyes can leave stains)

Plastic table cover (also at dollar store)

Wooden skewer to stir with


Plastic drinking cups

Paper towels

Plastic spoon

First you need to clean out your pumpkins and start washing and drying the seeds.


This is a fun project for kids and if you have children with sensory issues the tactile play with this project is a great way to work in some messy play therapy. Always keep a bowl of water nearby for your little ones with sensory issues, to dip their hands in if it turns out to be too much for anyone sensitive to slimy pumpkin seeds. It is so important to expose them, even if it’s a tiny bit at a time.

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After your seeds are clean and dry you can start dying them. Make sure to wipe off that first outer layer of your seeds. It is kind of like onion skins. This layer prevents the dyes from seeping through. As you can tell from some of my photos, I learned this the hard way. Cut down some plastic drinking cups to add your dyes to. Remember to wear gloves and cover the surface area you are working on. Use a wooden skewer to stir your seeds every now and then; this helps to cover both sides of your seeds.

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After your seeds have been soaking in the dyes for a few minutes remove them with a spoon and dry out on a paper towel.


While your seeds are drying (might want to dry out in oven on low heat to speed things up) you can start cutting out the bases for your flowers. I used an empty cereal box and different sized lids around the house to trace from.


Take your bakers twine and glue a spiral center to the middle of your paper disc. You can use tacky glue to do this but I discovered the glue gun works best for this first step to hold the twine spiral down in place before you wrap anymore. Just make sure you use a low temp glue gun so as not to burn your fingers when you first start wrapping the centers of your flowers. If you want to skip this whole step, you can also use buttons, gems or foam stickers as your center.


Once all your bases are finished and your seeds are dry you can start adding your seeds to the bases. Add some glue as close as possible to the out edge.


Add first layer of seeds to outer edge and let dry


Add the second layer in between the seeds of the first layer.


You can add a third layer if you like to give your flowers more depth. Two layers looks pretty too.


Once everything is dry and you are finished with all layers, glue a piece of twine to back of flower to hang on trees.


If you are into flowers like me, then you will definitely like this project. I really like the natural looking ornaments the best. It was fun experimenting with colors too. If you do have children with Autism this is a great project to use as a therapy session. The seeds are small and working with them will help with fine motor skills, use them for mosaic pieces. Using primary colors is great for a speech lesson on colors and since it is messy, they will have a chance to work in some tactile play. In the end you will have beautiful ornaments to display for the holidays or on a fridge (just add a magnet)…happy crafting everyone.


Happy veterans day to all the soldiers and families with love ones in the military. Thank you for your services and may God bless you and protect you all.

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