DIY- Mini Pumpkin magnets


These little pumpkin magnets are made using a basic rope basket weaving design.They make perfect little gifts to hand out to your family members during Thanksgiving celebrations. Add a hang tag to them with a funny or inspirational quote that they can pin to their fridge and read every morning.


Supplies needed:



Orange yarn-assorted styles

Yarn needles

Green wool (optional)

Green felt

Grapevine twigs.

Tacky glue

Wiggle eyes and black felt pieces for eyes and mouths (optional)


Fist start weaving the first stages of a rope basket (




Rope basket weaving is pretty simple once you get the hang of things but it is always better to watch a video and unfortunately I am not set up at the moment to do videos. Just keep practicing these steps just like my cat basket post and you will get there. These baskets are really fun to make too




When you get to the size circle you want stop and cut rope.


Then wrap yarn around ends to finish off.





Add twigs around the tops using tacky glue. I used twigs from my grapevines in the garden.


While out clipping twigs I noticed this one that reminded me of a little sloth hanging in a tree. It was so cute. Maybe I will try sewing up a sloth as my next fuzzy felt creature I make.


Add magnets to the backs and let dry.


I needle felted tiny leaves to glue around twigs for added detail but you can use green felt in place of needle felting leaves. Even tiny bits of green scraps of fabric can be used as leaves.


Okay, once everything is dried and decorated add them to anything medal.


I used several styles of yarn to weave these tiny magnets.


Make sure you weave the yarn completely around the rope. On some of my magnets I was in a bit of a hurry and didn’t notice that the white of the rope was showing through, so learn from my mistakes, take your time and just have fun.


Post pretty quotes on your fridges with these little Fall magnets with everything that you are thankful for this November and everyday when you get up you will be greeted by just how great things are.


For added fun and to include the kids add wiggle eyes and felt. Happy crafting everyone. Hope you all are having a great Fall season.


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