DIY-Mini Christmas Wreaths


Alright, it’s time for something tiny. You know I love the little things. Thought I combine my love of recycling with my love of making things small. I had a pile of Christmas decorations along with beads, ribbon, and flowers that were perfect for miniature wreaths.


Anything round you have in your house can be used as a wreath, like these curtain rings. This reminds me of that scene in planes, trains and automobiles where John Candy’s   character has to get creative with selling shower curtain rings. That is one of the funniest scenes ever to me. I also think it is a sad movie but my husband loves it and says we need to make that one of our holiday family movies to watch together.


Take your curtain rings and wrap yarn or twine around them and glue in place.



Then decorate with faux Christmas holly, pine tree stems, and ribbon.


Get creative using whatever your heart desires. I have a ton of little farm animals that I always pick up here and there at church sales, second hand shops and even yard sales. I glued a little sheep on one of my wreaths, along with some straw from our chickens coop.


This next wreath was made from a stem from one of those faux Christmas trees. They also sell packages of these stems at most Craft and dollar stores. Just bend into a circle, trim, them add decorations.



These two miniature wreaths were a little beaten up and just needed a makeover, or as I like to say, a little TLC.


I used cream and gold colors for one.


And the other one I stuck with traditional Christmas colors.


I bought these medium sized wreaths at a craft store for gifts to take up north to give out. Along with my tradition of handing out baskets of Swedish cookies and Christmas cards I try to include something hand made when giving gifts to friends and neighbors. This year my gift from my heart was a wreath and ornaments.


Remember those needle felting supplies I got for my birthday? Well I have been very busy getting used to my new toys. I have been needle felting a lot lately and I think I have finally figured it out. I just needed to stop being so aggression with those scary needles. Poke don’t stab when needle sculpting. I made little snowmen to add to the wreaths. The snowmen will be posted in more detail on my upcoming posts for my 12 days of Christmas crafts. I added lots of detail to these gifts since I always say “Always put detail in the things you are making for others, then they can see the love that went into it” that includes everything, even a boring old sandwich. Everyone always ask mom to make the sandwiches in my house.





This was fun. Little wreaths make great Christmas ornaments to hang on gift bags or give out to friends and family. I usually package some of my crafts up once a year to donate to a church down the street in our neighborhood. They do a live nativity every year. They pass out cookies and have a craft sell afterwards of handmade items.


Hope you all have fun making these. Remember to include everyone, get the whole family involved. This is one of those projects that would be so fun to have set up at a table for Christmas eve. Along with Christmas cookies have a variety of baskets displayed with mini wreaths and things to decorate them with. Everyone can take a little wreath home after the holiday dinner.


Happy Holiday decorating everyone.




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