My crazy collection of vintage wooden ornaments, missing parts and all.


This repost from last year was one of my favorite post that year that I wrote up. I had so much fun when I pulled out all my little wooden ornaments to photograph. I got carried away with this one. There is another one coming up later this month because I bought some new wooden ornaments to add to my collection. These ornaments take me back to my childhood and all those colorful tiny ornaments I had growing up. Hope you enjoy this post as much as I had putting it together. I am going to try to do a post everyday for December, we will see If I can do it.

Post from December 2017

This blog comes with a warning…it is super long because I just love these little vintage ornaments so much and after photographing half of my collection today, I realize I had an obsession and I might be a little out of control. This is another reason why people should pull everything out of their house and see what they really have and in my case, a lot of these ornaments. So if you are in the mood for a long post, get some cocoa and read away, I added one of my little stories from the past at the end, it has one house fire, one ham, Easter and our local news station…hope you enjoy, you were warned.

My wooden ornament collection


I have been having so much fun visiting other bloggers seeing all their sentimental ornaments and reading about them, that I thought it would be fun to share some of mine with all of you.

It has been a very busy week this week before Christmas. I just finished making our Christmas tradition Gingerbread house. I used to buy the kits when the kids were little but they never ate them afterwards. Have you tasted a box kit? I make them fresh now, but they are not as pretty as the kits…they get eaten though, so no waste there.

We also finally got around to putting up some outside lights. This year it seems less people in our neighborhood put up lights, not sure what that is about, anyway it could be that every year, half the lights are dead from the year before. It can be very frustrating how our products are no longer being made like the good old days, it’s all planned obsoletes. Corporations have to keep that money train going.

The twelve days of Christmas crafts I did were done a few weeks ago and were scheduled to be posted at different times throughout this month. I thought I was ahead on things, but no, that wasn’t the case. I will try to get back to my normal posting schedule of twice a week in January. We still need to take a trip up to the little red house because I bought a sofa chair to put up there, but our whole house is fighting a cold. There’s a whole lot of coughing going on night and day. I still found a little pocket of time to haul out my wooden ornaments to photograph.

I am a little embarrassed to admit this but I am pretty obsessed with these little vintage wooden ornaments that are out there in the world. In antique shops, church sales, second hand shops etc…I cannot pass up on a bag of them every time I come across some. Some day I will probably have enough to fill a 100ft tree. Hey, at least I’m easy to figure out what to get for Christmas…a bag of wooden ornaments.

This obsession of mine started at the age of 18 when I moved away from home. With my first job ever I purchased this little wooden log cabin. I love the tiny deer and little tree, such detail.


It didn’t stop there. I went back to the store and bought two more…and that is when my obsession really took off. This little Santa on a drum was too adorable to pass on.


This Santa on the wagon got broken last year when Alley my cat decided the tree looked better on the kitchen floor. She went to town twirling and chasing all my collection around like it was some sort of ornament confetti party. After hours of crawling around the floor, I gave up looking for the Santa that sits on top and instead glued this little angel on that lost her wings during Alley’s confetti party. Then I found Santa and put him back on, that explains the mismatch look of this ornament. I couldn’t just get rid of it, it has sentimental value and it was one of the first and early ornaments from this collection of over 100…thanks Alley.

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And so it begins, at yard sales, as gifts, my collection grew and grew. A little Native American with a tiny wooden baby on her back, wooden soldiers holding drumsticks in their tiny wooden hands, an adorable little red rocking horse. There was no stopping me now.

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As long as they were wooden and colorful, I would add it to my collection. This little guy holding a bottle top tree is one of my favorites. How could I pass up on him?


One from Germany, he is missing his arms now, again…thanks Alley. A little sled with a reindeer and a sweet little ginger doll with yarn hair and a very whimsical dress and hat. I had to glue the dolls legs back on. There were lots of injuries during that confetti party. Some parts unfortunately were never found, I am afraid the vacuum monster ate them. At least that is the story Alley is telling everyone.

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This little snowman sitting next to a mailbox was also repaired. His head was missing but I found it under the antique dresser in our dining area before that vacuum monster got to it. I just glued it back on and while I had the glue gun out performing major surgery with all my little wooden treasures I decided to add a little something extra to this snowman. The little bottle top tree was added under its arm.


I still have not found this Santa’s foot. I hope I didn’t glue it to someone else. At least my little yellow bird on a red birdhouse didn’t break or the little twins by this tall pine tree covered with snow.


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Sometimes in my hunt for wooden ornaments I would come across the little handmade ones. Two pandas with pipe cleaner ears, a Santa on a wreath and a little felted caroler with a  wooden head. There was a cloth doll that came in the bag with these special ornaments and even though it wasn’t wooden I still keep it with all the wooden ornaments, he just looks like he belongs. He is the only non-wooden ornament in this collection.

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These little reindeer are not vintage, their reproductions but still very cute.


I loved this little snowman on a rocking horse with polka dots. I am also obsessed with polkas dots.


A whimsical mouse with a top hat is one of my unusual ornaments.


I’m used to mice like this super tiny ornament that is as small as a penny. I have a bunch of these little mice in my collection. How in the world do they paint these things?


Speaking of tiny, I have so many of these that I need an extra small tree just to display them all.


These were just crazy. I think one is a turtle, one represents a cat and the other I am not sure…but hey, their wooden after all, so I threw them in my cart. I think I am going for a Guinness world record with my collection, only kidding of course.


Just look at the detail in this Mrs. Clause with her tiny little gold glasses and I think she is holding a pitcher, but I’m not sure why, unless it’s one of my glue gun add on pieces. It got to a point where there were so many pieces on my kitchen floor I just started gluing things to get it done. Maybe I accidentally glued this to Mrs. Clause. Now that I think of it, I think I did.


I think it was this Mrs. Clause that had the pitcher. I know she was missing something but wasn’t sure what so I glued on one of those super tiny little ornaments instead. Well I solved that mystery.


All things transportation and one little sporty guy were added one year, all from a garage sale. Did you notice the snowman on the truck, yep, that’s right, another one of my out of control gluing jobs.

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I forgot to add this to the transportation photo. Crazy thing about this truck is that it was the only wooden ornament in a bag of ceramic ornaments. In a house with cats, ceramics are not safe. I used to think wooden were safe too. Now I know better. I remember taking that bag of ornaments to the counter to purchase and after purchasing that bag I opened it up right in front of the cashier and took out this little truck “This is the only thing I want from this bag” and smiling I handed the rest back for them to resale.


Okay, this is turning into a novel…I did warn you; this really is a fun little obsession of mine, and it’s so much cheaper than diamonds. So before I end this with a collage of photos I have to tell you about the only two clowns in my collection. I only have two because clowns kind of creep me out, ever since poltergeist that is. But these little wooden clowns were kind of cute in a whimsical kind of way.


They also remind me of my cousin whom everyone used to buy clowns for every year. It started one year with a clown music box and she kept saying she loved it and “thank you so much” to the person who gifted her with it. In our family, obsessions are in our genes, so we all decided to buy my cousin a clown gift for her from that day on. She got clowns for Christmas, Valentine’s Day and birthday gifts. I think she even got clowns in her Easter baskets. Well she did say she loved that music box that first year of a clown gift. Clown cards, clown-wrapping paper, clown everything. I mean, we’re talking about over a decade of clown gifts. She even got gifted with a really pretty china case to put all her clowns in.

Then one day the house burned down, on Easter of all days. I know this is hard to believe but it seems our holidays come with drama sometimes. We even made the local news that day…very embarrassing. Everyone got out before the gas blew up the kitchen, even my nana with her broken hip. There was even a ham baking in the oven at the time. Thank God no one got hurt except that clown collection…it burned up.

When it came time for the insurance to cover everything, which they did a great job with, my cousin’s clown collection came up and we were all wondering how we were ever going to replace that collection for her, she loved them so. My cousin shocked us all by saying “ I never liked clowns, I can’t stand clowns, I was only being polite…please I am begging you, stop buying me clowns…I HATE THEM” well we didn’t have to be told twice, I think some of us had our mouths hanging open after that confession and she never got a clown again.

Hope you enjoy a little bit of my crazy here, here they all are, at least most of them and I don’t mind if I get these for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, birthdays etc…the more the merrier. Thank you to all those other bloggers who have been sharing your collections with us, hope you enjoyed some of mine. Oh, and there is now a giant Wing back chair in front of my Christmas tree displaying this collection, to protect it of course, but even now as I write this, I can see Alley lurking around the backside of that tree. I guess I’m not the only one that likes these little colorful ornaments. Maybe I should start warming up my glue gun; there might be another ornament confetti party again.

And to think this is only half the collection…wow, I am out of control. Hey, they are tiny so they don’t take up a lot of room thank goodness.

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