Dollar day do over- wooden block snowmen

Picked up a bag of blocks on my dollar day shopping trip at our local thrift store here in the city. Took them home and painted them white to create a whimsical snowmen arrangement with them.


I decoupage scraps of fabric to the blocks.


Then added buttons.


Remember I have a ton of buttons to use in my crafts. Everyone donates their old buttons to me. I am happy with this large supply of buttons because it is fun looking through them, trying to decide which one to choose.

SQDSC_6812.JPGI Drilled holes in the sides to add twig arms.


Then added some glue in the holes to hold twig arms in place.


Did the same with the single block which ended up being the small snowman. I decided to do a pair. Snowmen should never be alone.


Searched through my wooden beads and found the perfect heads for my snowmen.


All it needed was a coat of white paint.


Then I added a face with puffy paint and a tiny orange felted nose.


Sewed a little hat and added a scarf.


And now my upcycled blocks have a new look…little snowmen.

SQDSC_6908.JPGSo if any of you come across old blocks and your babies are all grown up and no longer babies, turn those blocks into snowmen. I think they came out kind of cute and perfect for decorating my coffee table. The best part was that this didn’t cost much at all to make. Happy Holiday decorating everyone. Remember to include everyone when creating especially the younger generations, we need to keep our kids creative…art is good for our souls.



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  1. Another adorable project! Love the block idea!

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    1. Thank you, this was a fun one I did last year. I have so many coming up in the next few days. Hope you like some of those too. I haven’t written them up yet.


      1. Looking forward to them

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