12 days of Christmas crafts…day 3- needle felted snowman.


This is actually starting to become fun. But I have to warn you like always, that needle felting can be a painful craft when you first start out. My best advice to give to a beginner is that you don’t need to kill your wool (Don’t stab, just poke very gently). Okay, now onto my little snowmen.


Supplies needed

Needle felting needle

Wool-cream or white

Wool- assorted colors


Old scarfs or sweaters to make tiny scarfs and hats with for your snowmen.

Twigs for arms

Tiny glass eyes (you can use pony beads for eyes also)

Wooden base, use pieces of old logs.

Bottle top trees (optional)


Okay, first you will need to form a ball from your wool. Balls are pretty easy to form. Just grab some wool and start poking it slowly until a round shape forms. Keep gently poking the shape until it is smooth.


You will need three balls. Each shape smaller than the bottom base, you know…a snowman. You can needle felt the pieces onto each other but to make things quicker I glued the pieces on top of one another using a small dab of tacky glue. Only dab a little glue to hold in place, this is my cheating method because when I wrote this post up Oct. 1st I was pressed for time. You can break your needles if you poke them into glue. It is better to needle felt the balls together by added extra wool around balls then poking that onto second piece to lock in place.


Poke holes in sides of snowman to add twigs for arms.


You can glue in place or needle felt wool around twigs, slowly poking wool around twigs to lock into place. Needle felting isn’t about gluing so I was taking short cuts on this day. If you get glue on your needles you will ruin them and that is why you don’t use glue, also you really don’t need it. The wool felt and needle felting it in, locks everything into place.


Poke holes to add eyes. Then press in eyes. I added a toothpick sized dab of glue to make sure eyes stayed in place.


To make a carrot nose, take a very tiny bit of orange wool and needle felt into a triangle shape. Just poke your orange wool into a shape like you would the round shapes but now you will be making a tiny triangle.




Once finish, poke orange nose into snowman’s face.


To make a tiny hat, just take a triangle shape and sew up one side then turn right side out. Cut scraps of fabric from an old scarf or sweater to tie around your snowmen. Use old sweaters to make hats and scarfs with.


I still need some work in the mouth department. First I tried needle felting tiny bits of wool felt for a mouth but didn’t like that so I added little itty bitty beads instead to my second snowman. The great thing about needle felting is that you can pull apart your mistakes if you have to, that is if you haven’t cheated and used any glue. The moral of this lessons is to stay away from the glue.




Add tiny details to your snowmen like miniature buttons, scarfs and hats.


Needle felt the scarfs in place to lock in.


Needle felted items can be so adorable and there are some amazing felt artists out there.I can only hope someday I can create the more realistic pieces but even if I never get to that level I am still enjoying my new hobby. Hope you get a chance to try this fun hobby, just be careful with those fingers of yours. Happy crafting.



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  1. Dandelion B says:

    Ive seen this felting thing a lot. These snowmen are adorable. I need to look up some.tutorials. so do start with unspun wool? And the needle i always wondered how it was done lol now I see its a special needle.

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    1. It is soft wool so it’s cleaned and spun, hope I am writing that correctly. I am still very new at it but always love sharing any craft project I am working on. The snowmen are so easy but do be careful, the needle hurts when you stab yourself. There are special finger covers but I hate using them so my fingers are exposed. The needles have grooves or little hooks on the ends that lock in the wool when you are sculpting. Imagine that needle going in to your finger…it hurts. I would maybe compare the needles to shark teeth. You know how sharks teeth go in and out so if you get bitten you should never pull out first, you should push in then out to unlock yourself. At least this is what I was told when I would snorkel. Gross huh? I do that with my kids, explain things in crazy ways. So please be careful but do have fun, Wait till you see all the colors of wool available and you can check out felting books from the library or Amazon has some. I would love to be able tp felt like the pros. They even use their pets fur to needle felt,

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      1. Dandelion B says:

        Ill have to get some books n you tube it. I also want to try corner to corner crocheting in the new year. After I crochet 2 baby blankies for a new niece and third cousin both due feb/march

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      2. Oh how I wish I could crochet but my fingers and brain just don’t get that skill. I can only do a chain. My aunt has tried to teach me several times. Finally I just told her that it was okay, I can do other things, we can’t all be good at everything. I am off now to go package up cookies for a cookie exchange tomorrow with a bunch of my cousins. Hope you are having a fun holiday night with the family in your part of the world. This month is flying by too fast.

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      3. Dandelion B says:

        Enjoy. Yes it is flying by trying to rest before the hustle n bustle next week

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      4. Oh yeah, next week is going to be even crazier.

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    1. Thank you. Just saw your upcycled tree stand…love them. You are very creative.

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      1. Thank you and right back at you!

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  2. lanature76 says:

    Although the creation process certainly seems painful, it’s pretty cute and it’s lovely. Feelings can become warm with works that can unexpectedly become a smile(*^^*)

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    1. You have such a beautiful way of writing. Thank you, so glad you like my little snowmen.

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  3. mel says:

    Always love your miniature crafts! Cute!

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  4. I can’t believe how busy you’ve been in the past two weeks !! I have so much catching up to do !! Just a quick word on this one………the amount of time, effort, love and fun you put into your projects is simply inspiring !!
    I hope your health is holding up the pace you’re setting and am so happy to see all the beautiful things you’re creating 🙂 !!
    Off I go to check out you other posts……..thanks so much for sharing this with all of us 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww…always love it when you stop by for a visit. Your comments always make me smile. Remember two months ago before my surgery and all that time I had before my scheduled surgery? Well this is what kept me sane, working on my holiday Diy’s. These are mostly pre-scheduled posts from months ago. I am out and about now doing holiday events. Just got back from a cooky exchange with a bunch of my cousins. I have a lot of catching up with you all as well. I am feeling better and the best things is my voice is 90% back. By the end of the day it’s a little tired but I can speak…best Christmas gift I could ask for. Hope you are all also doing well and you are over your cold. All of you stay safe, healthy and happy over there in your part of the world.

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    1. Thank you and thank you for all those yummy recipes. I need to visit , have been out of the house for awhile and I am home now.

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  5. Just watch those fingers and practice, eventually you will get something to form.


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