12 days of Christmas crafts…day 11 -fabric Christmas trees.


Supplies needed;

Fabric scraps in green colors.



Tiny beads to use as decorations

Green felt

Yellow felt (for a tiny star, which I forgot)

Wooden twigs

Fabric scraps in reds or any Christmas themed prints.

Plastic pellets or rice for stuffing.

Needle and thread.


Great craft project to teach beginning sewing skills. First draw out a triangle and a circle onto card-stock and cut out, These will be your templates to trace onto your fabrics.Once you have finished tracing, cut out an assortment of trees, it looks better if you display your trees in a group like they are all up in the woods. Use a ruler if you are not comfortable drawing free hand. Use a lid from a food container to trace as a circle.


Once you have all your pieces cut out you can start sewing together your trees.


Use basic stitches like the back stitch or running stitch and make sure to leave an opening at the bottom to put the tree trunk in.


These shouldn’t take too long to sew up and after you are done sewing the sides stuff from the opening in the bottom using the back end of a paintbrush.


After you have stuffed your trees (don’t over stuff) then poke in twig and glue in place.


Once the twig has dried you can take your circle piece of fabric and put a little rice or plastic pellets into bottom then sew around top using the running stitch, then pull and gather around twig and tie in place.


Add a little dab of glue to hold tie in place.


Now your little folk art trees are finished.


Use different fabrics for your tree designs. I hand dyed some of my cotton fabric for one tree then hand painted my whimsical little flowers to it. I also did some felt trees with red felt hearts on them.


Remember the more you make the better the display of trees. Include everyone, all ages and all levels…you will have so many trees to decorate your homes with. Hope you all are having a great Christmas season and Happy Crafting everyone

young fall 17 139.JPG



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  1. This free is so cute!!

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    1. Thank you. I have seen stuffed paper crafts as well. I bet vintage papers used instead of fabric would look really pretty. You use a stable to close up the trees after stuffing with tissue paper and instead of a fabric base at the bottom use a tiny paper cup filled with plaster of paris.


  2. So pretty – I love projects for all ages!

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