My favorite things…Christmas 2018


Wow, that flew by. I can’t believe Christmas is over. What a fun time we had this year with it. I usually do a post once a month of my favorite post but instead I thought it would be fun to do a post this month on my favorite gifts this month. Not all of them came wrapped either. Remember it’s the little things that mean the most. So here they are starting with number 20 and they are in random order, not one is better then the rest, they all come from a place of love.



  1. All the tiny and colorful items I pulled out of my stocking, Colorful paintbrushes, little pine tree brackets, turquoise bear earrings, and loads and loads of chocolates.


  1. This wooden sled. Is it a sled? Anyway, it represents one to me. It’s like a whole family out for a ride together and at the end they even loaded up their furry family members.Or is it Santa out for a ride with the kids and pets. Looks like the one on the end is a little mouse. Too adorable. This was the gift I unwrapped Christmas eve. We unwrap one gift on Christmas eve. When I was a little girl my family unwrapped all the gifts Christmas eve but my husband being Italian did not understand this tradition so we made a compromise. Now we unwrap one gift on that night only.


  1. Christmas cards. That’s right, cards. I still love getting an old fashioned letter or card at Christmas time in the mail. I especially like the ones that come with a letter and update of what went on in that whole year with everyone. Those are so fun to read. This years letter from one of my cousins out in California started off with the less fortunate out in the world. Reminding us all what really is important, she asked that everyone keep in their prayers the 20,000+ people in Northern California who have lost their homes in the last two years to forest fires. And to not forget the ones that have lost their lives because of that. Sometimes if it isn’t staring us in the face we forget about everything else going on out in the world, especially if you don’t watch the news all day long. So please send out your prayers and well wishes to others out there in the world every day and as much as possible.


  1. Gingerbread houses. We started this tradition when our kids were tiny. Getting sticky together, eating more candies then decorating the house with, and just having fun being silly. Our houses aren’t about looks, they are always about having fun. A few years back we stopped using the kits because the houses never got eaten. Now we make them fresh.


  1. Pizza-My husband finally got his pizza oven. We can take this thing anywhere, even up on a mountain with us, if we are stubborn enough that is. Wood burned Italian style pizzas are super delicious. We have not only been eating these ourselves but been sharing with others as well. My husband just loves cooking for people.


  1. Christmas lights- It is so fun seeing what the neighbors come up with every year. Also I love driving around the city with my family checking out colorful lights everywhere while drinking hot cocoa. I don’t have a photo of the outside lights but here is one of some light displays we had inside our home. And as always, our cats just love hanging out by our Christmas decorations.


  1. Our Christmas tree- this year I decided to keep things simple.I ended up picking a little tree at a second hand shop on the way out of the town in the woods up near Our little red house. We had donated our old tree last year because I wanted to get live ones every year instead. The tree shortage made things a little too expensive this year though so I just grabbed this one for $7 and it included lights, ribbon and ornaments. Of course I added a ton of my favorite wooden ornaments as well.


  1. Oranges-every year around this time, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without getting an orange or two.


  1. Our furry family members- They keep us sane throughout the year, so I actually consider them the gift that keeps on giving. A little secret though, sometimes they drive us insane a little too, but it’s all good. Every year they takes turns hanging out under our tree while watching people walk by outside.


  1. Nativities- I love seeing these beautiful scenes out in our state. We also have a few live ones to see throughout the city during this month. One has live Camels and it is the most beautiful show I have ever seen performed, with flying angels and costumes.It is just breathtaking and so beautiful to watch live.


  1. Cookies and other treats from our neighbors- this year our neighbors not only gifted us with beautiful cards but cookies, boxes of chocolates and tamales.


  1. Festival of lights- this is a beautiful event that only happens once a year on one day only. Over 3,000 luminaries are hand lit around partially restored ancient ruins of the Salado people. It dates back to the time between A.D. 1225 and A.D. 1400. If you are ever in Arizona during the month of December do not miss this event, it is breathtaking.



  1. This years gifts from our hearts- my gifts are yet to come because they will take awhile to complete and we were a little busy this year with health issues so everything got put on the back burner as they say. For my garden, I have mosaics with all the broken glass I have collected over the years that are coming, a french farm table for my kitchen that my husband and son are working on at the moment and a tiled back splash in our kitchen as well. All these projects are being made with recycled items too. I can’t wait to see all of them once finished. I know they will be special.


  1. Family get togethers- We did a cookie exchange, that was so much fun. Then with some other family members we all hung out watching a hockey game. It is always nice spending time with family and that includes extended family members too.


  1. A kaleidoscope- I have quite the toy collection but I didn’t have one of these. I remember sitting outside under a tree, pointing this towards the light and leaves, looking at all the colorful designs it would produce when I was a little girl. This was one of my favorite toys as a child.


  1. This adorable little bunny. I collect these cast iron critters. They are pretty small so they don’t take up a lot of room. They also go great with any home decor colors. They are really heavy when you pick them up too. Someday I may have my husband and son try to make me a wooden ark so I can start storing my cast iron critters in Noah’s ark.


  1. My hiking trip to the garden in Superior Arizona. I Loved this day and it will forever be stored in my memory bank as one of my favorite days I spent with my husband and kids.


  1. Scented candles. I got two this year. Jasmine and a soy candle that smells like candied chestnuts.


  1. Handmade Christmas ornaments- One afternoon when I checked my mailbox I pulled out a special envelope all the way from Oklahoma. When I opened it, there was the cutest little hand painted snowman ornament inside. Thank you MarDean, my cousin but more like a half sister since our fathers were identical twins. This was such a beautiful surprise.


  1. My voice-it came back the first week of December. It was kind of back for November but I was still struggling a bit with it. Then one morning I woke up and was talking like I normally do and my husband and kids just looked at me strange so I stopped speaking “What?” and they all said “Your voice is back”. So thank you God, the doctor and nurses for that special gift. When you lose something you always had it is hard to get used to no longer having it. That’s when you really learn to appreciate just how good things are. So please remember, it’s those little things that mean the most.


Photo on main page was the sunset we all were gifted with here in Arizona on Christmas. It was the perfect gift and ending to a very special day. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas day as well and whatever gift you received whether it was a beautiful sunset from God, spending time with someone you love, a good meal, or a small treasure that makes you smile…be grateful for those little things, their the best. Have a Happy New Year everyone.

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  1. Dandelion B says:

    We lost our tree in our flood and sonwe gave real a try last year. Im on the fence lol.
    Lovely xmas you seemed to have, pizza looks soo yummy, nothing like home made! And all the handmade gifts are the best.

    Also wanted to let you know your felted snowman has been saved serveral times on my pinterest! I orderd some faux dandelions from wish and I may or may not have looked at felting kits for $14 lol.
    I know a few who use wish no issues but Ive read some bad reviews so lets see if my dandlions come in first.

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    1. The tree we had last year was over ten years old. It was still okay but thinned out a bit and I was tired of always decorating a large tree. This year I had several little trees in my home, they are so much more easier to decorate and take down. My husband and son are making pizza right now, we usually have it once a week. Thank you SO MUCH for doing the pinterest for me. That is so sweet of you, it makes me happy that others will see it and try their hand at it too. I hope your Wish order comes out okay. I got a bunch of items when I ordered needle felting supplies, some of it I have no idea what it is used for. I love getting boxes in the mail and opening up things though so I like the weird things I unpacked. I will have to watch some shows on YouTube and see if there is an explanation for some of the supplies I got with needle felting kits. I have too many posts in my wordpress account and my daughter deleted a bunch of post to make room for this post. We have to figure out what to do now when it comes to blogging, it’s a hobby but I don’t want to turn it into another added dept to our expenses. Money doesn’t grow on trees in this city of ours so we will see what happens for the New Year when it comes to blogging.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Dandelion B says:

        My oldest 2 gifted me my domain name and purchased me a year of wordpress. It comes with double the storage space of the free on (6 gigs) . I was going to do it for myself. Works out to $5 a month.
        My son tells me there is a bunch if cheaper hosts but my poor little mind has finally barely figured out wordpress lol.
        I too tend not to want to spend money especially alot on hobbies so we shall see how this goes if i still enjoy it i will justify renewing. Deleting old posts has crossed my mind as well.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It is hard enough now days with everything else that cost. Social media can be addictive. I love all the wordpress friends I have made. Maybe I will try the fee package. I am still thinking about it. I think for now I will just delete some older unpopular posts. I also have my website, instagram and etsy shop that I haven’t done anything with in months. I am just not good at social media. I will have to work on tha goal for the upcoming year.


      3. Dandelion B says:

        You have a websight? Maybe you can link from here to there. One of my goals is an etsy shop,but i fear I cant stock it well as I work like a turtle, between life and my health but we shall see. I have you on instagram. Hope to see you on it in the future!!

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Yes, everything is a mess though and this past year I just didn’t have the energy to do everything I had planned. Since I had the tumor removed and half my thyroid I have a little more energy but that was only three months ago so I am still getting used to things and my energy level still goes down every now and then but nothing like before. I am actually hiking now with my family where as before I couldn’t, just too tired. My website is The store is still under construction. My friends and family are the ones who encouraged me to do that and to try selling on Etsy but you are so right about the energy it takes to supply a store with products. When people ask me if I have some of my art available in shop I say no, just haven’t had the energy to make a ton of stuff. I would love to do giveaways too but any shipping overseas is ridiculous and very expensive. So all my giveaways would have to stay in state. I hope to have more energy to catch up on all these goals I had. I need to check out your instagram and hopefully get mine going again. It is hard to keep up with everything when you don’t use cell phones. I just have a laptop computer.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Dandelion B says:

        Keeping up is the hardest for me as my followed bloggers and sights grow i lose more and more control of being able to keep up. Ill have to visit and bookmark ur site.

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  2. Have a great 2019! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you and you too. May all good things always come your way for the New Year too.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. What a beautiful idea to share your gifts and traditions with us 🙂 And how wonderful they all are !!
    I’m so grateful for having met you via blogging and my week isn’t complete if I don’t get to “share” some time with you.
    Thanks for all you do for this community and I’m so glad that you’re getting to be your “old self” !!
    All the best for you and your family and nothing but health for you all during 2019 🙂 !!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Once again, your comments always make me smile. Thank you for stopping by all those months ago to visit my site for the first time. I not only found a wonderful site with your posts but also a great friend as well. I love learning about your part of the world and your adventures as well. Can’t wait to see how that beautiful home of yours turns out once finished. I don’t think we truly finish anything we love to do, so I am sure over the years you will be adding things and working on many other projects as well. That’s what makes life so fun, what each day has in store for us. You guys have a great New Year too. Stay healthy, safe and happy for the coming year as well.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. This was a beautiful article. I agree it’s the small things! I have never seen cast iron critters 😍 These are adorable. I may need to be on the look out.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They are so cute. I love how they feel. I think they are cast iron, whatever they are they are super heavy. I have a turtle I picked up in an antique shop, and a fairy that I found in another antique shop. I tend to only find them second hand. My family got the little bunny at a thrift shop.


  5. I love to use the larger cast iron critters as door stops for when the wind keeps blowing the door shut.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. What a lovely post! I so enjoyed your story, and I’m thankful you had a wonderful holiday! It was great for us this year but I’m a little bummed out now as my daughter left for university this week and now I’m an official empty nester. Your post made me smile. Thank you for sharing your beautiful writing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. My kids are still at home while they are in school to save money. College is so expensive. January is also one of our least favorite months because the holidays are over, seems like everyone is a little down this month and you have an empty nest as well. The time will fly by and before you know it Spring and Summer will be here to cheer us all up and best of all your daughter will be home on breaks to visit.


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