Dollar Day Do Over- Old country basket

I have been sticking to my goal of organizing my life and so far I have been getting a little bit done here and there. It isn’t too difficult to organize if you are a basket fanatic like me.


I am always on the hunt for things to use in my home to help me organize. Last week I picked up this basket on one of my sale days at the second hand shop. This color tag was the color for that day.


I didn’t like the color, but that’s just me. I am trying to lighten things up a bit. I have too many dark home decor items that don’t bring me joy when I pick them up. Can you tell I have been streaming organizing shows? I am sure most of you know what I am talking about with that statement of only keeping things that bring you joy. To each his own as they say, so if you get joy from dark colored items and pick up a light colored basket then change the color with paint.


With so many colors out there in the world to choose from it can be really hard deciding what colors to use. White or black are two pretty easy colors to work with and you can always switch things up by putting color with them.


Once my basket was painted and dry I got out my yarns.


I just weaved a bunch of scrap yarn I had through the basket to add a little more detail.



Remember this little basket I posted about a couple of weeks ago?


I had a huge bag of yarn scraps that were perfect for some added color for this basket. Sometimes when I am weaving my baskets I will be left with single strands of yarn. It was nice that I finally found some use for them.


This was one of my after Christmas sale baskets that was normally $10 and was on sale for $3.


It’s a nice size too.



Okay, there you have it…something different to do with your baskets. Happy second hand hunting everyone and have a ton of fun making your lives and homes pretty. May your homes always fill you with happiness and love.


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