Shopping trip to an Arizona Ikea store.


Now I don’t know if this is true or not but I heard that IKEA stores are different in every area of the world. They design around the cultures and taste of the countries they are in.


So I thought it would be fun to share with some of my overseas followers what it looks like in an IKEA store over here in my part of the world.


I had to go shopping anyway, so why not take you all along with me.


I think it is so funny when we go shopping for one thing but get so distracted by other things we see, like these beautiful faux roses. I don’t need any but they are so pretty, they are very tempting. We end up forgetting why we were there in the first place. This is why it is so important to write a list and take it with us. I only had one area to concentrate on for this stop. I was on the hunt for something to make an old couch of mine look pretty..


It’s an old couch up north at Our Little Red House that my mother-in-law gave me; It needs a little TLC for sure. It’s a nice enough couch and it was made well, back when they made couches to last, and they didn’t load them up with chemicals. Those were the good old couch days. Now days our couches have some pretty nasty ingredients added to them that apparently keep them fire proof but they also help out with the eugenics of causing cancer. Whoops, I am on a paranoid rant, okay back to shopping at IKEA.


Anyway, I needed to find some sort of coverings for my outdated but chemical free couch. The fabric on it is a little scratchy. I guess couches back in the day were not made for potatoes either. It wasn’t so much about comfort and more about design. My beautiful old couch is also a hide-a-bed. This was so handy when we needed an extra bed up north.


IKEA is so much fun. I guess it doesn’t take a lot to make me happy. I am not getting anything for promoting this store, I really do like it, especially their little rooms and homes they have on display. Our family always has fun walking through these designer mini homes.


They are so clean and organized. This is what a world without people looks like. No dirty socks laying on the floor or dishes piled on a counter.


We only make it out to IKEA once or twice a year, it’s pretty far from where we live. I heard they are making another one over on our side of the city.


We have so much fun picking out which room designs we like. Or which piece of furniture we would add to our rooms back home. Sometimes we even buy a piece of furniture. My son loves IKEA furniture. He is more of a city boy then a country farmhouse fanatic like his mom.


My husband and son like this bed.


And my daughter and I like this one.


Oh! look at this, I want this in one of my rooms. So pretty and it’s white. I am in a white stage at the moment. I even like the wallpaper, everything goes so well together.


Another one…yeah, this is the room I would pick for my home.


Looks like a great DIY project may be in my future. These lamps above this kitchen island remind me of very large baskets. I have plenty of those in my home.


Alright, I am getting a ton of ideas here. I love this garden area. I have twigs everywhere in my garden from trees. I could do a really pretty display in my garden to hang dried flowers from. I think I may be adding too many projects to my life, but doesn’t this look pretty.


I definitely can’t make this and I need something like this to organize some things in my office. Might have to buy one of these.


Alright, time to eat. These are our food choices here in Arizona. My husband and I always get meatballs when we decide to stay for lunch. My son usually picks chicken fingers. My daughter is all about the sweets for her treats.


Okay…this is cool. I have tons of pallets in my yard just waiting for cool things to make. I could make up some really pretty rustic signs with some woodland stencils I have. I would buy these if I just didn’t have the energy to create them but I know I have all the supplies back home and I love creating most things myself.


I am getting distracted again. What was I here for anyway? Oh yeah…fabric or something to cover my old couch.These dishtowels are exactly what I was thinking about. I could make some really pretty throw pillows for the couch.


I really like the colors. They match the theme up north at Our Little Red House.


And I think I may have found something here with these rugs. I could cover some of the cushions with these. I was thinking of adding a white drop cloth with a bunch of pretty accent pillow pieces here and there.


I found what I needed, so I usually get out before I spend too much, remember I am trying to simplify my home. Adding more things will not help. Whoops, forgot this photo which makes me laugh. Doesn’t this bed look like someone slept in it? Sometimes I wonder if anyone is living in an IKEA store out there in the world. If I had to pick a place to crash, I would pick IKEA.


Hope you all had fun shopping with me. I can’t wait to find another store to show you from our state. We have so many restaurants and shopping centers here. It keeps us sane when our temps are extremely hot and we can’t really do anything outdoors without getting sick. I never look forward to our summers, they are deadly. Happy shopping everyone.

Wish list of mine from IKEA:

A back splash for my kitchen.


This nice dish rack.


A TV entertainment stand. This one down below is nice but I want something with more storage.


And some sort of art like this to hang on my wall


Now lets see what we can come up with in our family. I can’t spend a whole lot of money, we have two adult kids in college at the moment and one is thinking of moving into a dorm. To be continued….




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