Turning an old kitchen cabinet into an Ikea inspired TV stand.



Remember that post I did a few weeks back on my trip to IKEA ? Well, I had some items I saw there that I put on my wish list that I wanted. I thought maybe it would be fun to see what kind of designs I could come up with on my own using trash or second hand pieces I found out in the world for a much cheaper price.

Besides having two grown kids in college (one 18, the other 21) our house here in the city that was built in the 50’s had some repairs we needed done. The storms we been having caused a leak in our roof, which we just had redone 8 years ago. Plus our pipe froze out back because we forgot to cover it. It snowed for the first time in 60 years here in our city. Crazy weather. Snow on cacti is a very beautiful site so I am glad we got some.

I am afraid of what Our Little Red House is going to look like when we head up for the Spring.That house was built in the 40’s. Old homes have good bones and a whole lot of character but they come with a load of upkeep. Up there it snowed so much the road was closed for awhile. We wouldn’t have been able to check on it even if we had wanted to. A friend of ours sent us this photo from up there and this was after her and her husband cleared out some snow in order to get to the generator.


Anyway, guess what I am trying to say is that we have other bills to take care of before we start spending our money on items like pretty furniture. We did the next best thing, we went junking. This is what I call it. Usually during pick up days in our city, there will be so much stuff piled everywhere from home repairs and all those larger items that regular trash services doesn’t pick up. This is the perfect time to find scrap building supplies.

I have been “Junking” since I was a little girl with my dad. He would take things home, repair them or scrap them. He did it back in the 50’s when he was a kid. It isn’t as gross as it sounds and it helps the planet. Designers all over this planet are “Junking” even while I write this.

This is what I saw at IKEA. I would love to have a TV stand but I want more storage, plus remember it has to be cheap. I don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on items like new furniture. Even if I did, I still think it is nice seeing what we can come up with ourselves and it’s better for the planet.


This is what my husband and I found…an old kitchen cabinet, some wood pieces, and couch legs. Trash to someone else but a treasure that day for us. I couldn’t wait to get home and start making an entertainment center.


I tend to look at a piece for awhile before I decide where to go with it. With this piece I wanted glass doors. I headed to my local thrift store on dollar day and found three large frames with glass for a total of $3. It just so happen that there were three large frames for sale that day, which is rare. Sometimes I do have days when I walk in on a dollar day sale and find exactly what I need for $1.


Once back home with my second hand purchase, my husband cut out the center sections on the doors and added the glass to them.


Meanwhile I spray painted the sofa legs.


While they were drying I stained the wood scrap pieces that we were going to use for the top of our stand.

The spray paint was $4 and the stain was left over stain I had that was going to dry up soon if I didn’t find something to do with it. Plus we had some polyurethane from our stash as well that was going to go bad soon. De-cluttering and organizing does have it’s advantages. Use up what you have first before spending more money. Okay so our total is at $7 now.

Then the storms started coming in and we had to finish up this project inside our back room that we call our Arizona room, kind of like a green house with walls. So while everything was drying I scrubbed and gave my cabinet a good cleaning.


While I finished up some of the detail work, my husband attached the legs to the bottom of our stand.


Then added the doors and shelves. I also looked through my stash of spray paints and found a little bit of brown to spray paint the handles for the doors. Everything was starting to come together very nicely.


It was my husbands idea to add a lighter color piece of wood to the center. We didn’t have enough wood scraps for it all to match so we had to get creative.


I love how it turned out and it has so much storage. I needed a place to put some of our books. The counter top is the perfect place for a couple of plants or to drop our sunglasses and keys on.


I found a really bright basket second hand that looks great on top with it’s bright orange color. I think it brings out the coloring in the wood stain.


I always have fun coming up with a new piece of furniture.


Another item kept out of a land fill…nicer for our pockets and planet.


I know I drive my family crazy when I say “ Hey, we can make that ” and you know what…so can you. So I hope you all have fun out there “Junking” yourselves. If you do, send me photos, love to see what you all come up with. I still have many items on that wish list of mine so I will definitely be out there looking for new pieces to design.


This whole entertainment center saved us a ton of money doing it ourselves. Happy junking everyone.




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