Farmhouse inspired Easter decoration.


Spring is in the air and we are surrounded by all things floral. I love this time of year, unfortunately my allergies do not. I have to spend a lot of time inside when they are too extreme. Sometimes I don’t care and will head outside anyway where the pollen count is insane. I just take an inhaler and away I go, spending beautiful but sneezing time outside.


While I am stuck inside trying to get through this allergy season I worked on Spring decorations.I have the cutest little project that I finally had a chance to finish up the other day. A wooden house that I had up north in Our Little Red house.


I started out making this project about being frugal and seeing what I already own that I can use to redecorate with. It just so happen that this wooden house was up north at Our Little Red House. It was in desperate need of an update. It wasn’t really drawing the eye with it’s dark color, it was lost up in a corner just collecting dust. I thought it would be perfect for a Spring centerpiece.


It just needed a new coat of paint. Remember, it’s all about white right now. Farmhouse decor is everywhere. I am basing this design off of that style. I remember doing country style decorating before it took off like it has and I would joke with my kids that if something was a little beat up or rustic “That’s okay…it’s country” and now “It’s country” is everywhere. So keep some of those things from the past (not all of them, try to cut back on the hoard) you never know when they will come back in style again. I saw someone wearing bell bottom pants the other day shopping at Target. I remember those when I was a little girl back in the 70’s…there is nothing new under the sun.


After painting my little wooden house I distressed it by sanding it first then going over that with a wet rag.


I have always liked the distressed look but my home decor is more of a shabby chic, Bohemia, what ever makes me smile kind of look. In other words, I have no style, I just do what makes me happy. This of course drives my daughter crazy and once and awhile she will laugh wondering why I have a sun bird feeder in my kitchen next to a country chalk board and I always answer “Because it’s pretty” that usually does the trick.


Once I finished painting my Easter house I decorated the inside.


Then I went on the hunt in my house for things to fill my wooden house up with. Found this little barn in my junk room of crafts. It was pretty by itself but I wanted to match it up with the wooden house decor so I repainted it as well.




By organizing my junk room I was able to find a lot of unfinished projects to paint. I also had a bag of pretty faux flowers just waiting to make something extra pretty in my home.


This little horse used to be all black, and you guessed it, it was painted white. I picked it up around Christmas time at the dollar store. I even added a little saddle blanket and twine for a bridle.



I bought these little lambs at Hobby Lobby, a first time visit for me. That store was huge and full of so many pretty things. I am not getting anything for promoting this store, just thought I share where I got these adorable little ceramic animals or as my grandma used to say…nick knacks.


The nice thing about this house is that you can switch things up on it if you like. Change the decor anyway you like for the different holidays.





Hope you all are having fun decorating your homes for Easter and Spring. Happy Spring everyone.



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